Outlet placement for appliances (subzero, miele, wolf)

phiwwyJuly 3, 2012

Wondering how critical it is to have the electrical outlets placed exactly where the specs say, for appliances like subzero fridge, wolf cooktop and miele washer/dryer. The rough placement at present is a bit off.

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Because of stud, HVAC and plumbing obstacles, the installation docs for my new appliances promised me trouble if I followed them precisely in some cases. So, I went and found floor models of what I was going to buy and took pictures and measurements of the backs as to what was required for the hookups.

The amount of variance you can get away with depends on the specific appliance model. With some, the specs were right on - if you varied, you would have hell to pay.

With others, you had some leeway with placement.

To be absolutely sure if your placement will be okay, look at the appliance itself. Yes, it's a PITA to do so.


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It will fit if you follow the placement.

It might fit at other spots.

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I've done enough of these to tell you it IS important to follow the installation guidelines. Especially with these high end appliances.

Go an look at them if you want, but this will NOT tell you any more important information that the instructions.

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