no visitation again

mom2emallNovember 22, 2008

So I posted last weekend about the lack of visitation from bm. Well another week passed and she never called to arrange any plans to see her kids. Thanksgiving is less than a week away and she has not called to try to make any plans to see the kids then!

Meanwhile she is supposidly working all the time. Funny how I have been Christmas shopping this week and I have a few friends/family members who have also been out and about and we have all passed by her store (which is a tiny store) and she is never working! And the few times the kids have tried to call her at work she is not there. Wonder how much she really works......and how much of it is just avoiding her kids?? Guess with 3 little ones at home she may just not be up to having 3 more around!

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"Guess with 3 little ones at home she may just not be up to having 3 more around!"

I think you're onto something with this observation! Six kids is too many for all but the most maternal and capable to manage.

Now for a personal rant, WHY, OH WHY do women keep on having more and more children? Unless you find yourself pregnant with multiples, there is just no reason to have more children than you want to take care of!

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IMO... this is what frustrates mom2's oldest SD is because she had the little ones and hasn't bothered with her and her 2 siblings... favoring the 3 "new" babies.

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Maybe it's not so much 'favoring' them as having no where else to 'dump' them...

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"Maybe it's not so much 'favoring' them as having no where else to 'dump' them..."

exactly my thoughts

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Ya, I am thinking that she is probably in over her head with the three younger ones now. Probably going crazy since she is not the maternal type. Not really sure why she continued to have kids though.

I think that she was trying to have more kids with her bf than they had with their exs. So since he has 3 kids in another state with his ex, and she had 3 with my dh that means that she will need to have one more with her bf to top it all! LOL.

Though I am suprised she does not take the three older ones and use them to take care of the three younger ones when they are there!

If her and her bf were to ever see their kids from their past at the same time, plus have their current kids at home they would have 9 kids at once! They could top Jon & Kate plus 8! LMFAO!!

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From the POV of your oldest ... "mom" doesn't need us anymore she has "new" kids ... is what I meant.

Mom2 I would be pushing for you to "adopt" the kids sorry but mom has not proven she even wants to visit never mind take real responsibility for them.....

Make her a deal she can't refuse.

IF you want to take on that responsibility should something happen to your hubby. :(

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I have a friend of mine who kept having kids. from diff men as well..and she was and is a horrible mom because she just dumps her kids whereever she has the maternal instinct at all.
The pregnancy made her feel important but after that, she wanted nothing to do with the responsibilities of the child...i wonder if that is a sickness or some sort. Cause its obviously a psychological issue of low selfesteem and worth. I do not think these woman think of anyone but themselves.

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I never thought of the pregnancy part. I bet that is part of it. I bet she loves all the attention strangers give her when she is pregnant. (nobody that knows her gives her any attention for her pregnancy because they just think "oh my goodness she is pregnant again!")

And I know she has VERY low self esteem. Why else would she stay with a man who is such a jerk. And allow him to give her hickeys all the time up and down her neck. (she is like 34)

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