Changing wiremold (surface wiring) into recessed wiring/outlets

atlantic123July 8, 2010

We removed our plaster wall that was directly on the exterior brick. We are installing 3/4" furring strips today. We will have 1/2" insulation (unfortunately, our room is way too small to use anything else).

The previous owners installed surface wiring on the plaster wall to create two outlets. The highest one has the outdoor light directly behind it. The second outlet is located about 2' directly below the first outlet. We would LOVE to have the wires in the wall cavity and the outlets flush with the new drywall.

Our general contractor said this would be difficult due to issues with insulating the wires. He is a friend and has helped us a lot along the way. I'm thinking maybe he drawing the line on this particular job. :) I want to find out if this is a DIY job for my husband and me. A search on the internet hasn't pulled up anything! Maybe I don't know the common "key words" or terms?

Any advice or links would be great!

I also couldn't find info on this forum. Sorry if I missed it!!!!

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"Our general contractor said this would be difficult due to issues with insulating the wires."

Bovine Scatology.

Just us MC cable under the new drywall.

You may have to cut away some minimal insulation for fit.

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Ron Natalie

Insulation shouldn't be much of a concern. The real issue is with less than an inch of depth to play with, you're not going to get any sort of legal box FLUSH with the finish wall for switches or receptacles (you may get a pancake in to support a light).

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Boxes can be cut part way into the brick without any real risk to anything.

4x4 boxes 1.25 inches deep with a plaster ring are about as shallow a box as you can use.

The height gets to just about 1.75 inches, so a 0.75 space and 0.5 inch drywall means you barely need to cut into the brick.

An often easier alternative is to use 2x lumber for the furring strips and get 1.5 inches for work space.

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