my sister read my jornal or diary and copied it and sent it to my

luckykid11November 24, 2008

I was visiting my sister in florida and while there she was reading my daily journal and making copies of certain pages and sending them back home to my parents. She has caused a great deal of emotional harm to everyone. I am hurt and angry after finally getting up the nerve to bring up the issue to my mother and father they act as if she did nothing wrong and that i should just forget about it. i am deeply hurt by their reaction. What should I do?

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Not sure why you're posting this on the Stepfamily forum but I'd be livid. Not sure I'd be visiting that sister again and certainly not ever give her the opportunity to be near my diary.

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What a terrible invasion of privacy!

I'd be furious at your sister --
Does she have any excuse?
(Not that there's a valid one)

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I'd be upset with both my sister AND my parents under those circumstances. My sister for making and sending the copies and my parents for knowing what they were and reading them anyway. I know that if someone handed my mother anyone's diary and said, "read this," she wouldn't do it unless something extraordinary was going on.

By which I mean: she might read it if the entire family was genuinely concerned that the writer was on drugs or something harmful was happening. If the diary was the only way she could get evidence to put the son/daughter in rehab or something, she would do it because she'd see it as saving the kid's life. But under ordinary circumstances? Never.

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my sister claims that she was scared of me since i had gone for a walk and two times people had yelled obscenities at me while walking she tries to justify it furthermore she was criticizing me everyday about what i ate whether it was a soup or salad or rice and beans she would say its not healthy. I finally asked her if she could please stop giving me a hard time about my diet. She responded by screaming and cursing at me. It sure seems to me she was not scared of me. If you are scared of someone are u going to try to start a fight and scream and curse at them? my parents have always favored my sister. I apolgized to her three times that night and she refused to even speak to me. She is the one who should have been apologizing to me but i did so to try to keep the peace. How am i supposed to deal with this situation? The sister who read my journal and copied it had an altercation with my other sister and they were not speaking to each other for a year. Why cant my parents admit that she was wrong. I never thought of reading thru her personal papers on her desk or on the kitchen counter. I am deeply hurt by what she did but even more so by my parents reaction. If i was successful with a good job I would seperate myself from them but due to me not being successful in society and having problems with depression they always blame me and my mental illness. Does anyone think it is right to read someone's personal journal? I would appreciate as much feedback as I can get on this problem?

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Lucky- if you dont mind me asking_what type of things had you written that she sent to your parents? Is your family concerned about your saftey?
I will say that I have a sister who is bipolar and if I felt she was getting ready to hit a low (her lows can get REALLY bad, and I was concerned for her safety I probably would snoop. She deserves her privacy, so I prob am wrong to say I would, butI would rather snoop and my sister be alive, than not snooped and my sister have hurt herself. but that is just the situation I am in it may not relate to yours...

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