Advice for outdoor project, plz

giggles1December 23, 2011

I greatly admire everyone's art here, hope to get there someday!

Right now, I only have experience w/ tiling floors & walls, but I have an unusual project to attempt... we just bought a house in Cape Coral, FL, 2 bedroom windows facing the front & a 4ftx6ft gap area in between.

Oddly there's a vertical wood "thing" there, just boards like fencing that someone must have thought looked good???

I've seen tiled geometric designs on houses that were eye catching! Nothing too detailed, just stuff like you would use to "pop" in the bath or kitchen... different size tiles, shades, metallic centers, etc.

HOW do I construct this? The house is stucco, I don't want to attach the tiles directly ON the house. Should I build a wooden frame? Wrap it in mesh, use Mapei Ultra Flex II, and grout, then seal? Anything special do/don't for outdoors?

Lowe's & HD always have those discontinued or somewhat broken tiles reduced, some are MAGICALLY attractive, I wouldn't pay full price, but reduced, for this small area, YEA, you bet! Any kind of tile NOT suited for this?

If anyone has a good pattern site? Thoughts, ideas? The house is shades of brown.

We're just finishing the landscaping, which already makes people look, now, I'd like that lil extra to make people smile.

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giggles, you will get some excellent advice here; you may have to wait until after Christmas. Just don't do your project on wood, okay? I am too sick right now to give a lengthy answer (cedar fever). Slowmedown is one of the gurus of the outdoor project.

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giggles, you might want to research where in your area could you buy Wedi board. It's a waterproof backer board that is light weight and easy to cut. I love it; I am currently using it for a large outdoor sign. I found mine locally at a large wholesale tile center called Daltile. They make exceptions for mosaic artists and sell direct to them at wholesale prices. I know Wedi has a representative in the Florida area. Here, a 3 ft. x 5 ft. sheet was $30.00. I later found out that our local stained glass shop has started carrying it also. Anyway, that's what I would recommend. Wedi board for the substrate, Mapei mortar (thinset) for the adhesive, Mapei grout, and a sealer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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GIGGLES: You've just gotten perfect advice from SILVA. Weidi is so lightweight, and w/be an excellent substrate. I'm surprised w/the price of the 3'X5' size - WOW. If I were doing your project, I w/use Hardibacker, the cement board sold at Lowes and Home Depot and used in bathrooms and kitchens. It is heavier, but very strong and permanent. Re tiles, I think Florida's climate w/take any kind. Re mortar and grout, I use the same as suggested by SILVA. Re shades, colors, designs, patterns, the internet has a world of ideas. You can Google many websites and images for inspiration.

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