testing for 220v

olddawgJuly 24, 2011

My spa pump is down...

I'm trying to check voltage going to spa and to the pump.

With 3 wire, I'm assuming I can only test each leg separately (or I need one of those clamp over style multimeters) and should read 110-115v.

Second question is;

Short of putting power to the pump, any other way of testing the pump?

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Testing each "leg" (pole) for 120 volts is not a valid test. It is possible to have 120 volts on each leg at the device and that 120 volts be the same 120 due to feedback through some conductor, usually the device itself. Testing pole to pole for 240 volts is the only valid test.

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Can this be done with my 2 probe multimeter?

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Yes. It is NO different than testing for 120v.

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Could you explain further?

Touch both hots with a probe (and neutral with other) or a probe to each?

I read zero when touching a hot with with a probe and the other hot with the other probe...

Not excited about crossing those wires with a probe until I ask.

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Time for a pro if you do not understand how to use a volt-meter.

This is electricity 101.

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