Very Elementary Question re: socket amperage

CassandraJuly 20, 2011

I'd like to plug in a new air conditioner into a regular 3-prong wall socket. The unit's literature states that it is 12 amp cooling/15 amp receptacle. I have used my 12 amp vaccuum cleaner in this socket for extended periods (up to 45 minutes to an hour) without blowing a fuse. Does that mean this air conditoner will work in this socket? Thanks!

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Your plan probably will be OK. If the circuit is 15 amps, the AC unit is all the load that circuit should have. Nothing else on that circuit.

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Presumably, that one outlet is not the only thing on the circuit though. The outlet itself will be fine, but if you are running anything else on the rest of the circuit, you definitely run the risk of blowing a fuse.

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