simple one-way to two-way conversion?

kenjwanJuly 27, 2010

Hi everyone. In my bedroom, I have a switch at the entrance that controls an outlet next to my bed. This is convenient for turning on the lamp plugged into the outlet. However, when I turn the lamp off while in bed, it pretty much makes the switch on the wall useless. I wish add a switch on the wall next to my bed (above the outlet) so I can control the lamp via the switches (rather than the lamp's own on/off switch). Problem is, I don't want to have to cut open the wall to replace the wiring to convert this one-way switch into a two-way switch.

Is there a simpler way of accomplishing what I need?

Thanks in advance.

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Replace your switch with a X10 or Leviton electronic switch with a wireless remote. The remote will be like a key fob switch that you open your car doors with. No wiring is required.

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