Hummingbird Fuschia Lite Block

cindilooDecember 24, 2008

Here is my first (and last)commission piece. I really stressed out over this and, in fact, this is plan B and only made possible because I got the hummingbird from Chickee in the tess exchange. I am happy with it and so is the client so I guess all's well that ends well...but I learned that I HATE doing commissions!

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Well that is absolutely beautiful. Sorry you stressed so bad on it. Sometimes I think its just better for us to do things for ourselves, friends and family ... because we WANT to. Happy Holidays.

Donna in Florida

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I know it was difficult getting through the experience but I really really love this. I hadn't seen it lit and I think its a beautiful thing!

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i'm not a fan of commission work, either. i've done a few and never enjoyed it... they felt like 'work' rather than 'fun'.

but your hummingbird turned out beautifully. i love the colours of the glass with the light shining through!!

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Good job! I did some humming birds for Klinger (commissioned) and she let me have free reign, and so it was awesome...that was a few yrs of course I did 3d!!lol!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I too think it is beautiful! You did a very nice job and I can see why your client was happy with it! The next one will be easier because you learn something from everyone you do.


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Love the hummingbird! It looks so beautiful with or without light. I hope your client loves it as much as we do!

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THank you all! Jane, your hummingbird is so nice! I really like the stand it's in!

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This is so beautiful. I'm sure your customer will love it. I agree commissions are stressful.
But I like to see the gratification.

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I too can see why your customer was pleased. The piece is just beautiful. Your color choices were perfect.

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Really pretty! But, you know, I'm partial to hummingbirds! I'm going to have to try one of these light blocks some day, you make them look so nice!

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You are soooooooooo good w/these blocks. Looks like a whole lot of work, making so many small pieces fit so nicely. Doesn't appear there was stress in the making of it. BEAUTIFUL!

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CINDI, this is beautiful! It's too bad it's commissioned, or you could keep it. Or send it to one of your best SG/M buddies, like me for instance :) Very nicely done. I really must do a glass block one of these days.

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I have a glass block here, on the floor by me...
I have no idea where and when I acquired it but hadn't even thought of a light block, till I've seen the ones on here..
how are they lit?
you drill the hole yourself, or have it done?
what kind of lights...Christmas or more durable?
sounds like a fun project to do...I think.....

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Thanks SEA...I use a 1/2" hole saw bit and drill a hole in the back (use modeling clay, build a little dam and fill with water). I run it under the faucet to get any loose little pieces of glass that might have fallen in, then I put it in the oven on a low setting to let it dry out, Or run it through the dishwasher with the heat-dry setting on. I use MAC glue or sometimes slicone to glue on my glass...grout, seal and then shove in a 20-string line of clear lights. Simple, right? NOW..let's see what you create, I'm sure it will be fantastic!!
Here are some links: hole saw bit
lights (use the non-connectable)

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