Puzzling Dead Circuit Problem

jamshedJuly 24, 2011

I have a string of outlets in a finished bedroom in the basement that is dead - no power. The outlets are at the end of a circuit run. I can follow the dead circuit back to the first outlet in the room where the circuit enters, but then I'm stuck. That's because the basement is almost completely finished AND THE CEILING IS DRYWALLED. There are no issues in the rest of the house and none of the breakers or GFCIs in the house are tripped.

Since we don't use this bedroom very much, I am not sure when this happened (they did work many, many years ago when it was my son's bedroom.) My suspicion is that it happened when we had some major renovation work done in an upstairs bedroom/bathroom.

Is there any trick or tool to "tracing" this circuit to see where it goes behind the finished walls? I purchased one of those circuit tracing tools with a transmitter that you plug into any outlet, but it reqires that the circuit be energized.

Any ideas?

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Power can be supplied to one of the dead receptacles in order to energize the dead circuit for testing. This is potentially dangerous and should be done only for testing purposes.

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Start by opening boxes and checking for disconnected wires.

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You can get a gadget that will let you trace the dead circuit behind the wall -- it's not the easiest thing to use, but it basically works. I have one that I bought to find the locations of boxes that a drywaller covered up.

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