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carriageladyJuly 21, 2012

I recently bought a mobile home that needs repair. While i had the power off to one room the septic tank pump alarm went off and when I turned that breaker back on it went off. Landlord's mother who manages the park for her son denied any knowledge. I turned the electric off again and it happened again. Obviously the septic tank pump is running off of my electric. My question is about how much elecric does it cost to run a pump like this for approximately five homes? It took about 4 days before the alarm went off. Also how does one determine other than by what happened, how something is wired. Will the electric company come out to investigate?

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The electric company will not investigate. This must be settled by the people involved. If you have your electrician disconnect the pump, which you have the right to do absent an agreement that you supply the power for the pump, the park owner may start an action to evict your mobile home, which they have the right to do. So negotiate this matter. Or if they say that the pump is not running on your nickle, turn off or disconnect anything you wish that is being billed to you.
Some jurisdictions forbid the setting up in a new location mobile homes that are older than certain dates or that are built of certain exterior materials. Yours might, or might not, be one that cannot be relocated in your area.

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Thanks for the heads up about what the mobile home park owner has the right to do. I am hoping to settle this amicably so hopefully it won't come to that. So far I have remained pleasant while reporting this matter to the manager and waiting for a response from them.

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