TOS - where are you?

justnotmarthaOctober 27, 2008

You've been really quiet - are you okay?

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You are totally right martha...where is she.

Check in TOS so everyone knows youre ok

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agreed TOS... I hope all is well... it's been a really long time

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I once reguarly participated in artist forum, like daily. then I lost my interest and was not even logging on for over a year. then i logged on i realized that people were asking about me and wondering if i was OK all this time! i certainly was OK, i just lost intrerest, it never occured to me that people actually worried. i hope that TOS just lost her interest in this forum and that she is OK. she might not even know that we worry...i hope that's the case...

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Perhaps she is just busy.It is that time of year when things start getting hectic.

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