Need Help making a lamp out of an old glass wine bottle

circuitbreakerJuly 6, 2011

I have an old glass wine bottle and I want to make a lamp out of it

I started off drilling a 3/8" (1/8 IPS) for the cord to go through (I know there are bottle kits out there but I think they look tacky with the cord coming out of the socket shell)

Any way I know how to assemble a lamp as I have done it many times before, and I am very familiar with fixture wiring

So my one and only question is can the SPT-1 (18/2) cord be in sand?

I want to put colored sand in the bottle (To weigh it down and to look better) and I am going to be putting a pipe (3/8" 1/8 IPS) through the bottle and there will be a cord bushing in the hole so very little cord is going to be directly in the sand

I am going to be using the special craft sand not the regular ol' Sand (Very fine particles) I just want to know if that would be OK to do

I think it is but I just want to make sure


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Ron Natalie

I can't imagine it's going to be a problem with the size bulbs you're going to install. It will draw less than an amp. Dry sand would not be a problem.

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Obviously, you need to use UF cable ;-)

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Usually, you use cordage for lamps (stranded wire for flexibility) instead of UF (underground feeder).

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