Replacing ceiling light-switch won't turn light off!

abbygayleJuly 27, 2008

I am trying to replace a ceiling light fixture. But I have a few problems. I forgot how a couple things were wired.

I have two separate wall light switches that connect to this light.

Two sets of wires come in from the ceiling. One has white, black and bare (ground?). The other has white, black, bare and RED.

When I turn my circuit breaker back on the light works, but I can not turn the light off.

1. Is the red supposed to be wired to something? Right now it is not hooked to anything.

2. When I connect the ground wires, I''m not sure I''m doing it correctly. I have the broze cable from the light fixture twisted around one of the two bare wires and then screwed to the green screw on the outlet box mount. Am I doing this correctly?

But my main problem is I can''t get my switches to work. Is that because my red is supposed to be hooked to something?

At the switches:

One switch 1 it looks like there is a red, black, white and bare.

On switch 2: It looks like red, white, black and ground.

At the light there are two sets of wires coming in.

In the Set A, there is: black, white and bare ( i don't see a red -am i missing it?)

In Set B there is : black, white, red and bare.

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A) You made the classic mistake of not marking where each wire went, and disconnected everything. Am I correct?
In a situation like this there is NO reason to disconnect every wire and open splices! ONLY disconnect wires related to the light itself.

B) For the most part you made up for this by posting all the wires in each box related to the problem.

OK, for the grounds you splice ALL grounds in the box together and make sure one of the is ALSO connected to the box (if it is metal). If there is a ground screw on the crossbar you connect to that too.

Try to connect the light:
- White from the fixture to all the whites in the box.
- Black from the fixture to the RED in the box.
- Splice all the blacks in the box and cap them off safely.

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