Large animal, or pillar...

bucksterDecember 21, 2011

Hello to all...

Been a while since I've posted. I'm looking at making a large animal and maybe some pillar/poles too out of mosaic. This will be my first 3D and I would like to know if anyone has done this and what did they use for the base of the figure or the inside of it. Foam/wire etc?

If you know of any webs sites with pictures that would be awesome too.

Thanks a ton,


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well buck, Im assuming these are to be for outside? There are several methods, but the best documented one here is the rianna method. Slow is the master of this, but its basically using diamond lathe in two layers and application of mortar to that. it creates a sturdy lightweight foundation that is weatherproof for the application of tile. Here are a is a thread where Slow documents the building of masterpieces in pictures:

secondly, if you live in a climate zone where it freezes your tile choices are dictated by that. glass is always safe. do some searching and look around-lots of good info here!

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Here is my stuff....

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Yes it will be for outside. It will be out there for years I hope.

When you talk about the diamond lathe are you talking about the kind used for
tile? Also what kind of frame do you rap it around?

THen do you put a scath coat of cement on it, then thin set and tile?

Let me know and thanks

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These are the instructions Slow posted for me....

oooops - I deleted a whole bunch of photos. MARQUEST: I've explained this technique so many times, but I'll try one more time for you. I make one layer of the diamond metal lath to form the sculpture, then add another layer of the lath. Then I use 17 gauge (19 gauge is better but I can't find it) wire to stitch it together. The two layers are important - the lath won't hold the concrete w/o the second layer. On the fountain tutorial I used three layers for the basin so it w/be sure and hold water. Every other structure, use two layers. You put nothing inside the structure. I mix Quikcrete mortar mix in a wheelbarrow to a nice consistency - roll it in a ball in your gloved hand. You lightly smooth the mixture in between the layers so you're not pushing it all the way through. Then take a wet paint brush to smooth it out on top. Be sure and clip your wire stitches close to the structure. I use lineman pliers to pull the stitches through and twist the stitch once and clip. When the mortar is dry - next day - take a concrete rasp to smooth out any warts. If your sculpture is nice and neat, you should have no problems. Bend, hammer, shape, cut darts to make it fit your shapes. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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I was also thinking about this artist when I read your request,,

Here is a link that might be useful: Jynja's art

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Hey you guys thanks a ton. This is what I'm thinking of.

@nicethyme, Where is Jynja located. That is some of the art I want to do. Outside fun stuff.

Anyways thanks a ton and Merry Christmas. I will ask more as I get the material.

Take care.

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Buckster, she is in Utah.

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oh duh, I can show you my method too

Here is a link that might be useful: horse head sculpture, in progress

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