Haven't bought a bed for 34 years-need help

suzanne_slAugust 15, 2012

Really. My husband gave me a waterbed for my 27th birthday and all these years later, we still have it. I love sleeping in my waterbed. Unfortunately, it gets harder and harder to make that bed now that I have arthritis in my fingers. [The edges of the bag of water need to be lifted and the sheets pushed under while at the same time poking down the edges on either side of the corner you're working on so everything doesn't roll right back up. Sometimes you can do it in one try. This is followed by poking all the edges in while the mass of water tries even harder to push those same edges up. Not so fun anymore.]

We started with a renovation to the kitchen a year ago, and now we've gotten to the last room - ours. It's about half emptied and I bought the paint today. We're a little slowed down by availability - or not - of bamboo flooring to match what we have elsewhere, but clearly a decision on the bed needs to be made soon.

When did they start making beds so high you need steps to get into bed? Who thought it was a good idea to make the bottoms so low you can't vacuum under there? If we find our bamboo flooring, at least we could get a swiffer under the bed. Some beds we've seen are so creaky they would announce to the whole house every time you turned over, or worse. What's with Memory Foam and gel thingies in Memory Foam, or pillow tops? Maybe the ones from Costco, but those sets are so tall you need a ladder.

What do you have in the way of beds and mattresses that you like that actually have practical features for practical people?

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Well,we have a memory foam tempurpedic bed and I can't wait to get rid of it. That thing is HOT. Seriously, DH is an oven to begin with, and sleeping on the memory foam just traps all that heat in. I wake up sweaty every night and I'm not even experiencing hot flashes. ;-)

I believe they make new "cool" memory foam ones now-ours is about 8 years old-so if you go that route I would advise you to get one of those.

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Fori is not pleased

I think it's hubby's turn to make the bed for the next 34 years!

But...you can get a "low foundation" for the box spring that will make the bed normal height. If you're getting a new bedframe, pick it first--you might decide you want a platform bed that doesn't use the box and then you'll be stuck trying to get rid of the box spring.

You should probably get a mattress from some place that will take it back after a month if your back is killing you. There is really no other way to test them out.

The only thing worse than mattress shopping is couch shopping...

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I've posted this so many times I sound like a broken record, but look at real, natural latex foam. I've had my latex foam mattress for...oh...nigh onto 30 years and it's as perfect as the first day. No divots, low spots. It's cool in summer and warm in winter. It's firm and soft at the same time. I'm not sure how to find one these days with so many synthetic latex and foams around, but I'm sure you could. Maybe look for organic latex?

It can be confusing, just be sure it's not synthetic.

Here is a link that might be useful: some info on latex and how to shop for it.

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This probably containsTMI so if you're going to blush, do not read any further. I must speak up here. For many yrs. out of proper decorum I have held my tongue about one specific problem/ issue that I (We) have w/ our memory foam mattress (ot a Tempurpedic). Our sex life suffered terribly in the bedroom after we bought it. Seriousy - I'm sorry if this is out of line but, people, sex lives in a bed are suffering and I can no longer stand by and not warn people of this possibility!!! ;0) Wink, wink.

There - I've said it. We can't wait to get a different mattress for a few different reasons, but by far the one I mentioned is tops.


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We have a Sterns and Foster that we absolutely LOVE. Since you have a waterbed frame, you will only need to buy the mattress if you go with S&F. We have a platform bed and that's what we did; it's not too high or too low either one.

We bought our mattress in 2006 (it's still like brand new) and I don't remember the full name of ours but it began with a "K". They change the dang names of them all the time so you could ask what today's equivalent if the "K" mattress is if you'd like to try it in the store. It's not too firm nor too soft, as Goldilocks said, "It's juuuuuust right!" :)

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I agree with olychick about the natural latex.

We got one and it is soooooo comfortable.

Not sure where you live. Here in Kansas City, Hawn Bedding has their own factory and that is where we got ours.

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I agree with olychick on a latex mattress.I have had one for 2 years and I don't move at night. It is so comfortable. I also bought a shredded latex pillow and that has added to my comfort. I always slept with a goose down pillow but this is the best.

I got my mattress from

My pillow came from

Another option is www.flobeds.com

The best price was at sleepez Go to the website and talk with Shawn. He is quite helpful in helping you pick the correct layers of foam.

Here is a link that might be useful: savvy rest

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Olychick, Julie & Denali are right! Latex is the way to go. 20+ years ago we bought latex mattresses wrapped in wool & cotton with these great coiled spring platform bases from a Dutch company. At the time the dollar was quite strong, so we could afford them. Every time we traveled and then came home, we'd sigh with pleasure to be sleeping on our mattresses again. They were that wonderful!

A year or so ago, we needed new mattresses and again looked at latex. We found much the same thing from a US company, W.J. Southard. We purchased the Cazenovian Tight Top. They are so very like the ones we had before.

Then we splurged on flexible bed frames because I love reading and grading papers in bed. Since we have two twins pushed together, being able to raise the head and foot ends makes it much easier to put the fitted sheets on.

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Thanks, all!

olychick - you may have posted that a million times, but I have virgin ears - I've been hanging out over in kitchens - so I'm much appreciative of an option I hadn't even heard of. Now I'm on the lookout.

fori - lol! When I discovered at 19 that only one of us was planning on making the bed, I said "No way!" As a result, we've mostly had an unmade bed all these years except when the sheets get changed. Interestingly, 2 of our 3 kids make their beds religiously and the 3rd is a slob in that regard.

Foxes - I had to look up TMI. The point you bring up is really important to a healthy marriage. We haven't yet reached the point where we just chastely kiss and then roll over, so good to know.

Julie & Denali - Thanks for the tips on where to look at latex mattresses. I live in S. CA, so the web links are a good place to start.

Grammy - (we're expecting #2 grandchild in Dec.!) I saw some Sterns & Foster on a pass-through at Penny's. Next run, I'll look harder.

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Kashmi, that Cazenovian just might be enough to tempt me to buy a new mattress after all these years. It looks like something really special.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Foxes, I'd never heard that....
Apparently you aren't the only one with that complaint.

Here is a link that might be useful: From the NY Daily News

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Suzanne, after sleeping on a waterbed for so long, my advice is to take your time on the replacement search. I suspect a "normal" mattress is going to be a HUGE change for your body because waterbed sleeping is a completely different feel. And if you are like many of us--a vibrant middle aged woman :) -- it is so important to have a bed that provides comfortable sleep that will leave all those vibrant middle aged muscles and joints feeling rested.

Good luck. I went the latex route about 7 years ago and also love, love, love my bed. As I've gotten more vibrant I have added a foam topper, featherbed and cushioned mattress pad for extra softness. Nowadays, climbing into bed of an evening to settle down with a good book till time to sleep in comfort is often the highlight of my day! That is either a testament to bed greatness or a commentary on my rather boring life but whatever--hope you find a bed you too love.


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My last mattress I bought was a "quality" latex mattress, and it was so, so comfortable - but it did leave body impression spots. Since we needed a new bed with this house, I spent a lot of time researching. Some people love, love a tempurpedic, but because just as many didn't - we stayed away from it. We ended up with another latex mattress, not a solid one like our previous one, but a comfopedic... so far, so good. It feels as comfortable as our old, and it's not suppose to get body impressions.

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Annie, thanks for posting that article, now I don't feel like I've lost my mind and that it's just me.

Please know that we do not have a Tempurpedic and it wasn't until well after purchasing that I found out (through here) that there were many differences and qualities in these types of beds.

There are lots of good reasons to love a memory foam mattress and 1 thing that I really enjoy is sometimes being able to sleep w/o a pillow. I have never experienced getting to hot in our bed.

Sadly though even w/ the 'wink, wink' issue aside I still experience some painfully sore hips in the morning here and there. DH absolutely hates our bed - swears his back is sore more often than not now.

We paid so much money for it and will be replacing it very soon. In the meantime I do believe that I will try some of the things that Runninginplace did.

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RunningInPlace makes a good point. We purchased our first latex mattress only after an obsessive amount of research precisely because we were giving up our water bed. In many ways, the waterbed was the most comfortable we'd ever had. Latex, however, was a good alternative, for us at least.

Here's one more option: organic memory foam from a Canadian company Essentia. In our bed search a couple of years ago, we were able to try one of these and thought it was comfortable. The same store had the Southard mattress that we ended up getting. In fact, we were impressed with a number of the mattress and topper options they offered. It was called The Organic Mattress (in MA). There probably are stores like that everywhere.

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We too are fussy with our mattresses. We hated the memory foam, felt like a fly on sand paper! We tried the one with the numbers, and returned it. We even looked at the Dux bed, super expensive but not returnable. Also it was weird on what bedding would fit on it.
We have a Sterns and Foster that we bought from Macys. Last year we bought our daughter a new bed for her apartment and you just have to lay on each. Sleepy's had some kind of foruma and my daughter stood on something, to determine what style bed was right for her.
My advise is that you can't go cheap. Don't remember what mine was, but my daughter's was $1000.00plus. You can feel the difference when you lay down on a cheaper mattrress.
We keep ours for a long time, so getting good quality is worth it.
Funny you mentioned your sex life Fox. A friend mentioned to me that she had to replace her king size bed back to a queen because it affected their sex life, no chance of random encounters during the night.

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Thanks for posting this! We need a new mattress after purchasing a very poor quality mattress as our first mattress years ago. It's terrible and the quantity of mattress options out there is overwhelming.

Thanks for the great info on latex mattresses. I never even knew there were latex mattresses. I'll have to see what I can find locally. Also thanks for the warning regarding memory foam. Do latex mattresses have the same problem?

Does anyone have and love a "traditional" mattress?

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I'm glad that my point was taken well. I did not mean to be rude but it's something that I never in a million yrs. would have thought of and I never see it mentioned so I just finally had to speak up about it.

PS: Suzannesl - if you have not done so I highly recommend doing a search here on GH HD forum on 'mattress' as there have been many posts about your exact subject and soooooo much good information from members here.

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I found a latex mattress manufacturing place not far from here, so we'll go over and see what they've got. Macy's is right down the way too.

Here's another thought: has anyone gone with a waterbed that has rigid sides (although they call them "soft sides")? Can you get the sheets on the same way you get them on regular mattresses? I linked a web site that sells these below.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Waterbed Doctor

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PPC, no, real, natural latex does NOT have that problem. You don't sink into it like memory foam, but it "gives" a bit on the surface so it's comfy for joints and backs. Yet it's firm for full support.

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Foxes, I am laughing at your comments. I posted the same thing on another forum when this topic came up. I have a regular inner spring mattress and my SO bought a new memory foam. We noticed that problem at his house right away! It would be hard to describe the problem without getting a bit too graphic, but let's just say it has to do with sinking into the bed too much.

I read that article a while back and felt vindicated when others replied huh?

I had a natural latex foam mattress as a kid and it was super comfortable, however it was never tested it in "that" way.

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My SO is a very hot sleeper and in a recent mattress shopping experience seemed very interested in the Temperpedic beds on display. I'll definitely be filling him in on the heat and sex concern. I imagine that will quash his interest quickly.

Thanks for the tip on Macy's. We have a few nearby. The closest one is really small and I don't think it has mattresses, but maybe the other one does.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I loved the comment in the article...like making out in quick sand!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thought I should mention that several years ago, Mom was on a trip with the seniors and they stayed in a hotel with the sleep number bed. She said she did sleep better on it and many of the others on the trip said they did as well. Only thing I don't know and DH pointed out is, there must be an air compressor with the thing and how noisy is it?

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We have a traditional Sealy mattress. Love it! Tried Tempurpedic in the store and hated it. I do know several people who love theirs, though.

One thing I have learned (maybe on this forum) is that the best place to buy a mattress is a furniture store, not a mattress store. Better prices, and we had a very knowledgeable salesperson. Also, note that comparison shopping for mattresses is next to impossible because each store private labels its own "styles" of mattresses made by major manufacturers. Try out many and take your time deciding.

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I have a traditional mattress. Can't remember how old it is. It's a Simmons Beautyrest. LOVE IT. Didn't want to invest the time and energy to investigate other options. Was also put off by price of newer types of mattresses. As for bed frame, I have the basic minimum bed frame, the metal wheeled type. It is not too high. I can stuff things under it. I have a bookcase style headboard that came with my vintage MCM bedroom set (all solid wood) found at an estate sale for $300.00. Go try out a brand name high quality traditional mattress set before you decide. I think any of the top names will be fine.

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6 months worth of shopping and I FINALLY talked myself into spending $2000 on a mattress.
Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme.
I've now slept on it for three months.
I no longer HATE going to bed at night.
I no longer wake up every hour. Usually, I don't wake up until the alarm goes off.
I actually sleep, and I don't hurt when I get out of bed in the morning.
It slept "hot" the 1st week with a set of expensive high thread egyptian cotton count sheets.
I went to Wal-Mart and bought some cheap 200 thread count cotton sheets and it sleeps cool now.

These may not be for everyone, but, it's some of the best money I ever spent, and I am now a believer.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Olychick, Julie, Denali, Kashmi, Runninginplace and Tinker_2006 are absolutely correct about natural latex foam mattresses. I had one for 37 years; it never had indentations, and was so wonderfully comfortable to sleep on. Sadly, it finally started deteriorating into fine, sawdust like particles. Best bed I ever had.

Replaced it with a Sterns & Foster only because, at that time natural latex mattresses could not be found in my area. I do not care for the Sterns & Foster at all - in my opinion it is not comfortable.

Now that natural latex are available, I plan on replacing the Sterns & Foster.

You just can't go wrong with a good natural latex mattress.

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Consumer Reports has found that people who spend 15 minutes laying on a mattress at the store were more likely to be pleased with what they eventually bought.

Here is a link that might be useful: CR mattress article

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Every bed in my house is a soft sided water bed. I doubt I will ever have any other kind of bed.

I've had a house guest for the past six weeks and just before she left yesterday, she ordered a soft sided water bed for her home.

The soft sided beds look and make up exactly like a regular bed. It's all the comfort of the old kind of water beds, without the heater, the horror of tucking the sheets in, and the wooden sides. Perfection!

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We have new beds in our new-to-us house, because beds are the hardest to move, and we were living in both places for a few months.

We bought Sealys partly because they are made in our former hometown.
We love them! Our other Sealy was at least 30 years old, but now that they figured out how to sell half the mattress life for the same price, I don't expect this one to last that long.

The furniture store accidentally delivered our mattress to someone else, and delivered a pillowtop to us to use until ours came in, and we hated it. We have the firm one that has a layer of memory foam on top, but it is thin, like amattress pad, but not like a foam topper...


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Has anyone got an opinion on the IKEA latex mattress? Their description states that there is 15% of synthetic latex (and of course 85% natural latex). Are there experiences with this mattress. Latex is an intriguing option for me in the next few years.

Here is a link that might be useful: 7

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While I like some of what Ikea does, like their kitchens, the complaints about beds/mattresses are many over at ikeafans. I'd stay away.

Their mattresses seem to me to be low dorm quality, for the most part, and some worse than that.

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Sorry for being a little OT..
I have a cheap mattress that is killing me.
20 min. after laying down my joints ache.
I can not afford a GOOD mattress right now so I got the
the gel foam mattress topper for Costco..still dieing .

How about a natural latex topper ? Just for now...
Anyone tried ?

On a side.. the most comfortable bed I slept on was an
air mattress while waiting for the mattress from hell to

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Latex mattresses sold by the big "S" companies are rarely, if ever, composed of 100% latex. They contain layers of cheaper foam which tend to sag over time, and mattresses with pillowtops sag the worst. I once saw a chart showing specifications of big-name "latex" mattresses and you wouldn't believe the small amount of real latex. There might be five layers of different types of foam with one or two thin layers of latex.

About four years ago I was looking for a latex mattress and did a lot of online research, including spending many months reading posts on a mattress forum. I learned about several online companies that sell real latex mattresses and provide great customer service. Specialty stores in some geographic areas (not mine) also sell latex mattress, some organic. But I was on a limited budget and knew I could never afford any of these (and I question the concept of organic latex but that's for another thread.) Based on suggestions on the mattress forum, I took a risk and made an online purchase from a web site called foambymail (the company is Foam Factory.)

I purchased a 6" firm base, a separate 3" soft topper, and upgraded to a terry cover, which has a zipper around all four sides (a $20 upgrade.) The mattress comes shrink wrapped, shipped by UPS. Shipping is free. Latex is very heavy and a friend helped me lug it upstairs to the bedroom. We placed it on the platform bed before unwrapping it. As we cut through the shrink wrap carefully, it made a whooshing sound as it expanded. The 6" latex base had already been placed by the company inside the mattress cover, so we only had to shift it into place on the bed. We placed the 3" topper inside the cover and zipped it all around. Since I like cushy beds, I bought a separate mattress cover with its own pillowtop made by Cuddledown (from Costco). After four years, the bed is like new and it's the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. If I were doing this again, the only change I would make is to get a 2" soft topper rather than 3". I might also substitute the Cuddledown cover with a wool topper since the Cuddledown is filled with polyesther and sleeps a little warm. I paid less than $700 for a full size mattress and topper; it would be a little more today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foam Factory

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Beaniebakes, what a great opportunity to buy a latex mattress. The prices don't seem to have changed much. With topper, main mattress, & terry cover the cost is about $780. The shipping is free.

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suzannesl ~ Thanks for asking this question. We're going to be in the market for a new mattress in a year or so, and I've never had a new mattress or bed before! Anyway, I wanted to comment on your "unmade" bed. DH and I use ONLY a duvet with a washable cover, no extra sheets or blankets. I wash the cover every week or so when I wash the fitted sheet. So, making the bed takes seconds in the morning (because we only have to straighten 1 blanket), and DH always takes care of it. Also, we don't have any misaligned sheets during the night, which is nice.

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laurajane - we discovered the bottom sheet and duvet combo when we stayed in B and B's in Europe. You're right, it's such a good idea, thanks for reminding me.

On latex - we took a trip by Escondido Mattress yesterday because they make latex mattresses on site as well as inner springs. This is definitely a small operation, but they've been in business since the 50s. The "showroom" and the manufacturing are pretty much in the same space. Their latex mattresses are one big block of latex in a bamboo fabric "envelope". Loved it! In addition to the way it feels, I like that the mattress is only 6" deep. I've forgotten how deep the foundation piece is, but it makes the whole bed low enough that you don't need a ladder to get in - a plus! Their price for a queen bed and foundation plus delivery and setup was $2000 with negotiating room. This might be our final choice. They offer that mattress in 5 or 6 different levels of firmness. We also stopped at Macy's, but it turns out that the only Macy's that carries latex is downtown, meaning about 40 minutes from here. I don't even know if those mattresses are layered combinations or a solid block. We have to go downtown next week anyway, so we'll probably go look. We're looking at a bed frame from there, so, a combo trip. It might even be on sale for Labor Day which starts next week (!).

Thanks to everyone who's weighed in here - so much useful help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Escondido Mattress

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suzannesl~ I'm not sure if you're brave enough to buy a mattress online, but amazon.com has latex mattresses for well under $1000. They have quite a few reviews to read through anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon latex mattress

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If you want to avoid needing a ladder to get into bed, one option is to use a bunky board instead of a box spring. Bunky boards have nothing to do with bunk beds, but give a mattress good support while only being a couple inches thick.

Foxes comment reminded me of a funny trip to a furniture store. DH had really liked a bed with storage underneath it. It had 2 rows of drawers that pulled out all long the sides. My first thought was, "there goes our second most frequent position, unless we add a step stool.". So, DH loves this thing and the saleswoman would not go away because she knew a sale was imminent. Only once I pulled him out of there and into the car could I say, "I know, you loved it and we promised we'd come back to get it ... But there is no way we could ---- on a bed where the top of the mattress is higher than about mid-thigh on me and that one had the mattress even with my hip.". DH started analyzing potential beds differently after that :)

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One of my sons has a latex mattress that we got at Mattress Firm. The other son has a memory foam from Macy's. They both love their mattresses, but my DB and SIL who visited several times this summer while we were moving my dad both liked the latex the best (they switched rooms depending on which son was home). If it was a king instead of a queen, I would have had to check the trailer to make sure they didn't take it home with them. I like it too, but DH was more comfortable with the innerspring combination, so that's what we have now. I think you will like latex.

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