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smickerdoodleNovember 19, 2008

I have been lurking on this forum for a while now. I do more traditional stained glass but I thought you might like to see some of my mosaic work. I added some of the pics to my photobucket page.

Glass Designs

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Ok I am trying to figure out how to make it so you can check out my photobucket page....bear with me...

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Hi, Smickerdoodle, welcome. You will like it here -- it's a great place for encouragement. -- Hey -- how did you know what I was thinking??? I'm planning to do my step-in tub floor next. But have to finish the frog bath countertop first - the cutting is almost done. -- What is the sub-floor on the bathroom mosaic? Right onto the concrete? Or did you go over existing tile? (That's what I'm planning) -- just picking your brain. -- Keep posting those pix -- Love your work.

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Oooo, your bathroom is to die for!! I LOVE that blue! Your stepping stones are very nice! Did you lay the glass in and then pour the stone or did you glue the glass on top of a finished stone?
Anyway...Welcome and thanks for sharing your pics!!

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Welcome and I love your bathroom and your stepping stone. You will really love it here as all of these people are very talented and very helpful. We're like a big family!

Donna in Florida

Here is a link that might be useful: My Stuff

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Wow.. how do you ever leave that bathroom ? It's gorgeous !
Your stepping stones are beautiful too !

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I love your stepping stones. Very nice job. AND to have a shower/bathroom with that floor. Awesome. Mz I love your stuff too. ESP that red and white vase.MMMMMMMM. Also i like your idea for the coconut baskets. Saved to my favs. Thanks both for sharing

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I'm so glad you've joined us here and shared photos to boot. And what pictures they are! Your bathroom is awesome and you're doin' some mighty fine other work too! The koi pond idea is fabulous. It must bring you such joy. Bathrooms are hard to share at best. How in the world do you get people out of there?

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Thank you for all the compliments...The shower floor was done first and was done on the concrete subfloor. I have had absolutely no cracking in there at all. The rest of the bathroom I did it over the old existing tile. I wouldn't recommend doing it that way. I have had some cracking on that part of the floor. I would recommend putting in all new cement board first to ensure that it is very solid.
The glass in the stepping stones is put in the mold first then the cement is poured on top.

I get everyone out of the bathroom by threatening to make them clean it if they are in there too everytime:)

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Oh, wow - what precise work, and so colorful and beautiful. BRAVO.

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WOW, just getting caught back up. Your shower is AMAZING!!! I really really love it, its just WOW!! and the stepping stones are wonderful too.

You do beautiful work, glad you found us

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