Splice outside junction box

glen2July 28, 2010

At my home we're having the bathroom remodeled. I got home today to find the contractor's electrician installed all new receptacle boxes but spliced old and new sections of bx cable outside a junction box and just wrapped the splice with electrical tape. Once the drywall goes up, this splice would be sealed up forever. I am informed enough to know that splices should be made in a junction box. Am I not correct ?

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Yes, unfortunately there are some electricians out there that just want to do terrible things to avoid time and cost of doing it right, more often it is contractors that use their own laborers to hack wiring together. Go ahead and bust them and insist on an installation to code before sheetrock. Since your wiring is old, they will have to bring the wiring to modern code for the bathroom. This will require a new 20 amp circuit back to the panel no matter how difficult it is to do so. The old wiring coming into the bathroom will have to be decommissioned or routed to any of the new boxes to properly terminate it. Do not settle for any answers like, "Oh that is grandfathered in" or "this is a remodel so codes don't apply" This is part of the problem with doing work without a permit, some people use it as a free for all as to how their work is done. Recently two different customers of mine had their kitchens remodeled with a "contractor" that does his own wiring. I wrote up a page of about 30 electrical code violations for both of the jobs for the customer to use in legal action. Good luck and don't settle for anything less than a proper installation (which they probably did not bid to/ plan to do)

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I spoke to the electrician, and he said the splice was only temporary, so the other workers would have power for their tools while they complete the framing. He is going to run a new 20 amp circuit before the drywall goes up.

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Well, he is either an ok electrician or he can think fast when cornered by an alert homeowner...

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Why can't they just use an extension cord to another outlet, like in the kitchen or basement?

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