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bamasusannaNovember 25, 2008

Since some of you have asked, here are some pics of my studio. We moved into this GA house mid August.

I cleaned it up today! It was very "frit-ified".

Still have half of it to organize, but it's on the other side of my workspace wall so I don't have to look at it.

Click on photos to see larger.

Looking towards the front door

My workbench. There's a roll out cart with beads, globs, rocks,etc. I have glass and thinset in the bottom white cabinet.

Glass cutting and grinding area. Tubs of scrap glass underneath.

Side of room going towards the backside

The other side of the studio. I still have more organizing to do in this area. My band saw, a couple of workbenches and a storage closet are in this area.

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Wow Bama this is really nice. How lucky you are to have a separate work space. Congrats and happy crafting.


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How darlin'. Sooooo neat and clean. I w/do one project in that beautiful space, and it'd look like a tornado passed through it - not recognizable. Wish I could be neat and clean.

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OH BAMA!!! WOW!!! What a huge this a house?? It's so beautiful! I am STILL changing stuff around as I go along..revamping storage areas and such, and I only have an 11x20, and most of that has my big worktable 4x6(on wheels...nice). I thought the first pic was your new home and that maybe you had a basement studio!lol! I copied Flag's shelving! You have an amazing studio Girlie!!!

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This is nice, what a nice big space. You are sooo lucky to have it. I have to work on my dining room table. In the summer I have a space on an enclosed porce, but its not heated and in Upstate New York it gets really cold. It's snowing today.

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That's a fabulous studio. You're going to be able to make so many wonderful projects in there with all that space . I'm so envious.
hopefully I'll have a studio someday too.

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