Wiring problem

WHerzogJune 17, 2013

I recently replaced a water circulating pump that was wired into a basement junction box. I simply ran a wire to another junction box then ran it to an outlet in the kitchen. I replaced the kitchen outlet with a combination switch/outlet unit. The switch works fine. The pump works fine. The outlet works fine, But.......I now have two bathroom shower lights and fans and an outlet on my deck that do not work. All the fuses are in the on position. None were tripped. I was in the attic for quite a while but I don't think I kicked a wire to break a connection. Any Ideas? I really didn't change much. The wiring was all existing for the pump, and I simply changed the outlet using the same wiring for the new outlet and connected the new wire from the pump j box the the off/on switch.

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Ron Natalie

Kitchen, outside, and bathroom. Sounds like it's an older house built back when they allowed one GFCI circuit to be shared. Look for a GFCI (the one with the test/reset buttons) on it. If it won't reset and fix the problem, you've managed to cause a ground fault (possibly the neutral and grounds are touching somewhere or the neutral between two circuits are touching).

By the way "works fine" does not equate to SAFE AND LEGAL under the code. Connecting a circulating pump to a kitchen receptacle outlet is improper.

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