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daisymeNovember 18, 2009

I was at the castle sale here in town last Saturday. A young woman walks up to me and asks "are you on the internet?" I say I haven't got a website, but I do have a link to photobucket. She says, "No, I mean do you go on Garden Web? I think I know you!" It was ttennis from Garden Junk and she recognized my houses from here! Now what are the chances of that? Here are ttennis and me!

Oh, I know this should be on the other side, but we just had to share this fun with you all, and I was afraid you might miss it there.


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That is SO COOL!

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Very cool!!!!! It is a small world!!

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Dang, DAISEY - y'all look like sisters. What a delightful experience. Oh, BTW - congrats on your sales.

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What fun to get to meet each other!!!

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I love it when that happens!

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