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sassymom12October 10, 2010

I don't even know where to begin & my heart is pounding as I'm writing this.Friday, my DD had a friend spend the night. SD was in the kitchen as the friend walked into the kitchen SD had a steak knife in her hand,over her shoulder with blade pointed toward the ground behind her. Friend walked in & yelled "omg,that's scary!" All this during the time I was in the restroom. Husband ran into the kitchen & was so freaked out he sent SD to room until he could figure out what to do. I asked SD what she was doing with the knife & she said "it was just a joke,I was trying to scare friend". Needless to say she has scared the crap out of all of us!She really has no emotions to this or anything else she does that is totally inappropriate. Is this the beginning to more extreme behavior? Do I take my daughter & RUN? My husband knows she needs serious therapy but will that even help? He's even thinking of putting a chime on her door so we know when she comes out of her room at night. I don't want to be that person that says"I should have left,all the signs were there but I didn't think she could do THIS!"

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Wow that sounds scary.

Can you tell us a bit more about SD? Are there other incidents? It sounds like there are, because you write that DH knows she needs serious therapy. What else has happened? My gut feeling says 'RUN!' for sure, btw:-(

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Sassy from July 2009--" She is on meds for ADHD & Dr said the issues are above & beyond ADHD. We are currently looking into behavior therapy"--

And now "My husband knows she needs serious therapy but will that even help"?

Has this child been doing the therapy sessions for the 'issues above and beyond' that were discussed a year ago. She was throwing 4 hour temper fits, hitting, kicking, kneed the dog hard ect ect ect.

I really don't think anyone here can advise you with any quick solutions...the dr. has already advised that the child has some deep issues.

As far as the knife and 'just a joke', I can't tell you at all if the child was 'kidding' and was actually harmless to herself and your household...and this child is like , what, ten or eleven now? I would take this as a major red flag that she could do harm to others if not just herself. Do you really think a chime on a door is the answer?

Dad is 'stuck', it's his child, he loves her and he has to see to it that the child gets the issues dealt with (as was recommended a year ago)...you and your DD are not. If you feel that taking yourself and daughter out of this home (at least temperarily) is the best, then don't ask us...do it. You can't put your child and her friends at risk while waiting for 'things to change/get better'...from what you have posted prior and now this, I doubt this is something that can be advised and fixed over a parenting forum.

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"I don't want to be that person that says "I should have left,all the signs were there but I didn't think she could do THIS!"

I don't want to be alarmist; I don't know you or your SD. But - There is a criminal case in my state now where an eleven year old boy allegedly shot and killed his father's pregnant GF while she was sleeping, allegedly put the shotgun back, and got on the school bus with the GF's daughter and proceeded to school. Allegedly, there had been issues with the child's behavior and jealousy toward the GF before.

If your SD's behavior is really alarming you and/or if it seems to be getting worse rather than better, take your daughter and get out.

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Had the friend not yelled in time & had your husband not run in there in time, you could already be on the news with a shell-shocked look on your face as you mumbled "I should have left" etc.

I'd get my daughter & get out of there.

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I'd be gone yesterday. This is so disturbing and scary.
I'd be afraid to go to sleep at night!


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I would call the police when she was holding a knife, let them deal with it, i don't care how old she is. You could also call 911 and she could be taken to emergency due to severe emotional disturbance.

I am surprised nothing gets done, everyone is just doing nothing??/

. I deal with severe emotional impairments and normally at the stages when a child starts threatening others, he/she is taken ASAP to treatments centers.

she needs to be taken to a psychiatrist and he shoudl determine if SD is a danger to herself and others. she should not be staying in the house unsupervised and untreated.

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