Platter for Cheese

amerique2November 7, 2011

I finally ordered an assortment of mosaic tiles and stained glass tiles that will arrive on Thursday! I'm wanting to make a cheese platter and wondered the best adhesive for adhering these tiles to a china/porcelain/or ceramic plate. (I ordered the MAC glue.)

Also, do you think grout sealant after it dries would pose a danger to food items placed on the platter? I'm thinking it wouldn't since ceramic tile counters in people's kitchens have sealant applied to keep them from discoloring.

Thanks for your help!

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You have to look for a food safe sealant-Im not sure there is one? You could consider pouring resin over it when done to seal it also.

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mac glue is great, just be prepared for the fact that it is very thin - like water. I think you are right about the counters... the time and amount of exposure to food is really negligible

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Thanks Wacky and NT. Will mac glue work to adhere glass tiles to wood also?

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I love mac glue, but it is water based. Not sure its the best for something that may be washed or at least wiped off.

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its fine for this application I think. Linlee once did an experiment where she soaked glued tess in water and while it would whiten as it rehydrated over time, wiping a platter off doesn't compare to soaking it for days.

it will adhere glass to wood.

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Great to hear. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

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