Trick to lining up recessed lights?

diy_mikeJune 12, 2010

So I have a big room that is getting a ton of recessed lights installed. The ceiling is down.

Any tricks or tips for lining them up when going

across the beams?



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Old technology use a chalk line to mark a straight line or new technology use a laser beam.

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If necessary, do the layout on the floor and use a plumb bob to determine those points above the layout.

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line up to what?
a wall? a look in the room?
cabinets on a wall?
the centerline of a room?

after knowing some of these answer then apply the other solutions..simple is better

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Is this a single story home? Do the beams run the length of the room? Since the cieling is down, obviously new construction cans are the way to go. These can are adjustable across the bars that are nailed into the beam. You need to determine the number of rows of cans to determine the distance between rows. The centers of the first row of cans can be determined from the wall. However, the determining measurement will be how the rows fit between the beams. Perhaps you might want four rows of cans but the layout of the beams may only allow three. Without more detailed information I am only spectulating. Have only installed a couple of thousand recessed lights.

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