should i put my 16year old

mysiAnnOctober 2, 2012

my husband wants her out there is no where for her to go, If it was i would send her but i would hate him in my heart deep down, but i also don't want my two younger children to have to live with this uglyness, my husband also talks bad about the older children in front of my 8yro son( we have together).

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What is his reason for wanting her gone? In any case, you can't just dump a 16 yo out the door.
Sounds like you all could use some good counselling, the 16 yo to resolve her issues and your husband to learn not to bad mouth your children.

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People can go to jail for dumping dogs or cats.

What makes this gem of a man think he can demand that a mother dump her human child?

Please cut the line & toss this nut back, & protect & raise your children the way you know they deserve.

It's hard to keep up the strength of purpose to get out of an insane environment/relationship, so please please don't try to do it alone;
get help from anywhere & everywhere you can.

Most cities have resources for families & for women, & you can go to almost any church & find help.

I wish you the very best.

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