Grout color help

swimbykerunNovember 11, 2010

I am sure people have posted similar posts needing or wanting advice so please bare with me. I am new to this mosaic thing and have taken on a rather large 1st project. I have already glued all the glass and I have no idea of what color grout to use. I am considering using about 6 or 7 different colors on different portions of the mosaic but I am not sure how that will look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe black for the whole thing??? I posted a picture of my mosaic.....

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Get outta town - first mosaic?????????!!!!!!!!! Looks like a professional job to me. Multiple colors w/probably be wonderful, if you want to put that much work into it. As for my style, I used different shades of grey. I mix Pearl Grey (from Lowes Mapie brand) for a very nice light grey, or mix in a little black to make varying shades of charcoal. It is a nice background and shows up the glass rather than the grout. Any color you use on this wonderful project w/be gorgeous. That is some kind of mosaicing for a beginner. Congratulations.

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WOW..........if that's your 1st and is soooooo fantastic I can hardly wait to see what you do next!!! It is just beautiful.

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Please do not even cosider black. that would ruin it.
One light sand color as someone suggested and thn colorwash your blues, browns, etc,
Beautiful first mosaic. Good luck

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Well, I could swear that I answered this post several days ago. My answer's gone. Here goes again. That mosaic is wonderful! I can't believe it's your first one!! I use a pale pale brown on just about everything. It's a sand color. I am never please when I grout something white, and while I usually like black, in this case, I don't think it's a good idea. Please come back and post a pic.

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