my husband and my children his step children hate each other

mysiAnnOctober 2, 2012

I don't know where to begin it has gone on so long(11 years), i am so depressed about it i am on antidepressantes and my husband and children don't know, let me see my daughter is pregnant at age 16teen my husband hates her and wants me to throw her out in the streets, the last thing he said was " i hope she dies during child birth, he constantly calls her the B word and H word, he will not call her directly these names, but while she just in the other room so she can here him, He threw my son (his step-son out when he was just 15 turn 16teen, we(he and i have two son's together age 2 and 8), i feel at times like moving out of town away from them but i can't , someone give me some insight. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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Are you kidding me? He hopes she dies giving birth? Calling her horrible names, thowing out your 15 yr old son and wanting to throw out the pregnant 16 yr old? Sorry but your husband is a real A**HOLE.

Don't get me wrong, I have issues in my home but my problems seem like a walk in the park compared to what is going on in your house. We don't know the whole story but I just can't help but feel terrible for your daughter. While it's unfortunate that she became pregnant at such a young age, it's done and she has to deal with that. She will need you. Why would you even think about putting her out on the streets? Why would you even allow your 15 yr old son to be put out?

I'm assuming that you probably have had a lot of issues with the teens and your husband doesn't know how to deal with it so he just wants to kick everybody to the curb. Those are your kids and you just don't give up on your kids!

Somebody needs to leave but I don't think it's the kids. I'd make DH leave or I'd pack up my kids and get out of there!

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What she said!

Yikes....what a mess. Your DH needs help, in a major way. If my GF ever said anything 1/10th as bad towards one of my kids, she'd be gone.

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Jeez, wish I'd seen this before I answered your other post.
Why do you stay with this jerk? He's kicked out one of your children and now he wants to kick out the other one, at a time when she is particularly vulnerable and in need of your support. And name calling is totally unacceptable.
I think if anyone should be kicked out, it's him.

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We can tell you're very very worried & that you can tell that this just isn't right;
gather up your courage & get rid of this guy.

Get all the help you can find, & of course, post anything you want here;
we're "only" cyber-friends, but we're excellent cyber-friends.

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How awful. I hope you and your children are ok, please post an update. Ditto what everyone else said. Kick him out or leave and get your son back. I hope you are being safe, making a plan and have some family or close friends nearby. Go to a shelter if needed, this guy sounds very abusive and dangerous.


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Does he abuse alcohol or other drugs? If he does, get yourself to Alanon. Call a crises hotline and ask what resources are available for you and your children. Get help immediately. This situation is deathly.

I say this not to judge you, or shame you in any way - but from experience w/crazy. You are not alone if you get help. Please let us know how you're doing.

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