Wiring diagram for a receptacle & light switch in the same box

mytdogsJune 1, 2009

Hi all,

This is my first post. I need to rewire a box that contains a light switch & a standard receptacle (2 outlets) in my storage shed. I am somewhat familiar with outlets but I haven't done a combo like this & I want to be sure I am wiring it correctly.

I tried a search but I cannot figure out the correct search term to bring relevant posts.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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I need to rewire a box that contains a light switch & a standard receptacle (2 outlets) in my storage shed.

If it contains a switch and a receptacle, I don't understand why you are "rewiring" it. What, exactly, is the difference between what you have and what you want?

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If the switch controls a lightin a different box then:
Connect all the whites together and to the silver screw on the receptacle.
Connect the incoming power black to the gold receptacle screw and one of the switch screws.
Connect the light fixture black to the other screw on the switch.
Connect all the grounds together and to the green screw on the switch and the receptacle

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Try this page for a diagram

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Wire Your House

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I currently have four wires to my light switch two connected on one side of the light switch and two connected to the other side and I want to change the switch to a combination light switch and a receptacle. How do I wire the new electrical device?

Respectfully submitted.

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Ron Natalie

You should create new threads rather than dredging up long dead tangentially related ones.

We can't possibly tell you with the limited information you have provided. If all that switch has is a switch loop, you can't do it at all. If there is a feed to the switch and wires run from the switch to the light, you can, but again not enough information here to tell you how.

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It's happening a lot on these boards. Folks are dredging subjects as old as 10 years to either try to sell something or tag on their question instead of starting a new string.

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As mentioned, you need to start a new thread and provide more info. I'm also troubled by your description: do you have 4 wires attached to a switch with two terminals, or what? Re-post with a new topic and we'll help you.

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As a follow-up to texasredhead's post, why is it that when these older posts are resurrected, the poster's display name is displayed as an email address only, with no other info available?

I've checked the "new registration" sign-up and it does not seem to offer an option to have a display name like that.

I've seen the same thing on a couple other GW forums as well.

Something doesn't seem right...

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Unfortunately, Yos, you're unlikely to get an answer from the GW crew. My guess would be that the email address is displayed when the poster's GW account has been deleted.

You'd think GW would be more careful with email addresses. I'm kind of wishing now that I'd given them a temporary or disposable address when I signed up.

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