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jimmyleonJune 13, 2013

Just put a Lithonia security light, 100 watt metal halide, on front of barn. Light won't come on although it is brand new. 120 volts getting to the light and properly wired. Sensor sits on top of light. I do come from breaker box to switch then onto the light. Switch is left on all time. Does it have to be wired direct from the breaker without a switch? I don't see why passing through the switch would keep it from coming on. Can't believe a brand new light fails to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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The sensor may be faulty, or it may be 'seeing' enough ambient light to keep it from triggering. I test them by covering them with a black opaque cup.

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Thanks, Randy. I called the supply house and they gave me a new sensor and new bulb. It was the bulb. For some reason the bulb that came with the light just wouldn't seat correctly in socket. Light is working fine now with new bulb. Thanks!!

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