Where are your PANTS?

silverswordOctober 29, 2011

This is so funny I couldn't help sharing. DD9's school has called me for several reasons in the past; she's with the nurse, she had an accident, etc. They know my number ;)

As I pulled up to DD's school the other day she's running under the cherry trees, laughing with her friends in the pick up area. I get closer and I'm wondering what she's wearing. I don't recognize those pants. Then I realize.

Those aren't pants.

They're tights. The thick, winter type multi colored striped tights. With a little t-shirt and shoes. Just as nice as you please, but sans pants.

DH thought you wore them like that. The school? Her teachers?


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Lmao! Ok I'm over my Dd issues lol

She went to school like that? Dh took her to school like that? Lol this is why my Dh take my son and I take the girl lol
Oh that's just too funny

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*wiping morning coffee off desk* LOL

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Yes. She went to school like that. DH dropped her off like that. She lined up with the rest of her class like that, did her schoolwork all day, went to the cafeteria and was playing outside the office like that.

ALL DAY. And no one called me. The teacher didn't mention it at conferences, the office woman has spoken to me several times and no one has said anything. Maybe they've seen a lot worse this year, I don't know. We do have a pretty strict dress code though. Can't wear tank tops... but no pants, that's cool.

The only thing that made it semi-ok is that they were thick cotton and stylishly patterned, not plain and see through like dance tights.

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HAAAAA. That is too freaking funny!

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That is so funny! I can just imagine the look on your face when you realized DD was pants-less.

I wonder if at least one someone at school noticed but decided that it must have been an unusual "wardrobe malfunction" and to comment to DD or send her home to change would only have embarrassed her needlessly (since your DD normally is fully clothed at school, LOL!)

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I've always fought a different "wardrobe" battle...I've always gotten my son (11 now) off to school, since he started preschool. He's just like me...very tolerant of the cold. Just last night, we was on my front porch for at least a half hour handing out Halloween candy in jeans/t-shirt/beach sandals...and it was probably in the high 30's...upstate NY. Even I told him a couple times to put socks on....he just kept saying he was fine. Must be the Russian blood...lol.

But for years I've had to endure the notes home from teachers saying he needs a warmer coat, or hat and gloves. His old school had a policy that the kids could not go out for recess unless they had a hat/gloves if it was 50 or under. 50?!?! Are you kidding? The last thing I am thinking about during the mayhem of getting two kids off to school is packing hats/gloves if its 50 degrees out! I have a tough time getting him to wear a hat if it's in the 20's. And the tone of the note sometimes were almost condescending...like I was some loser parent or something.

I know most elementary teachers and admins are women, who tend to get cold easier than guys...but come on? Keeping a kid in if its 50 degrees?

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That is soooo funny!

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That's so weird MK. They keep the kids in here if it gets over 90 degrees out.

On one hand we have the athletic directors making kids do football in summer heats and kids dying of heatstroke... while here my kid is indoors if it's 90 and your kid if it's 50.

I'm cold at 50, but I know kids run a lot hotter than adults and it takes a lot of cold to kill a kid.

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Ha! keep kids inside if it is 90 ... we'd never go outside down here. 90 is normal... football practice in the summer and all.

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Maybe I am missing something. I have seen women do that with just a tshirt????

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Does the t-shirt cover their bum? DD's I could see the stitch line going from her waist to her crotch.

There are "tight" like pants I've seen lately on women and I wonder where their pants are too :)

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I did something similar last winter, a good friend came to visit just as I stepped out of the shower. I yelled at her to let herself in and quickly dressed. When I came out to greet her she burst out laughing as I had strolled out in my shirt and (extremely lurid) long johns, forgetting to put on my pants! Well, my legs felt covered :-) We had a good laugh.

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