Wall color for antique, golden oak bedroom furniture?

breezygirlAugust 20, 2011

We're in the midst of a whole house reno, and we've gotten to paiting time finally! Happy about the progress, but stressed about picking a whole house full of paint.

One room that has me stumped is the master bedroom. The furniture is antique, spoon-carved, golden oak. The set is much too fussy and the wrong color for my taste now, but it's a family set that we plan to keep. It's expensive and great quality, just not my current style of clean and simple lines.

The golden/orangey undertones don't play well with the grays and greiges paints I like. I don't like the gold paint colors I've seen that I know would look good with the furniture.

The exact color of the furniture is hard to capture on camera.

Close up of the headboard


Footboard close-up

I've never intentionally painted a room white before. I love the look of white room pictures I've seen online though. Maybe this is the room to try? I just don't it to end up too stark and hotel-like. Maybe BM White Dove or Cotton Balls?

Please help!

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Many people with golden oak furniture paint their walls green. Sage or Olive green is best... the green balances the orange tones of oak beautifully. Green is not a color that most people might choose, but it's a favorite for people who have oak furniture or cabinets.

It would look really rich against your beautiful oak...

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I agree with mclark. Almost any green will look nice with the oak. I don't think white is the answer in this case.

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We have golden oak furniture in our MB as well. I bought the set right out of college and spent a good chunk of change on it. Since it's in perfect shape (and well built), I cannot justify getting rid of it.

The color we chose for the walls is SW Relaxed Khaki. Most of the time it looks green, other times it looks, well...khaki. We were looking for something neutral that wasn't too green and I really like the color. Sorry I don't have a picture.

This is a small pic from the SW web site. It looks much greener on our walls.

We have DH's grandparent's old bedroom set in our spare bedroom. I think it's oak; it's got a lot of scrolls and ornate carvings in it. We have SW Blonde in that room and I too think that color works well with the oak.

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I agree, the greens above would look really great.

Other BM creamy white colors you might want to look at could be Mascarpone or Mayonnaise.

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Breezy, I think your bed is beautiful. I have an antique oak dresser and my bedrooms have been light greeny-blues or periwinkle blue in my last two houses, and I thought those both worked well. Our current house had a green master when we bought it and I wanted to change it but not do the same blues I've had for 15 years. So I recently painted it pale gold... I'll be repainting it again next weekend because the gold color doesn't look great with the dresser or with our bronze-tone metal bed. I'm going back to blue.

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Green. Definitely green. I love that first color posted. Very romantic, I think.

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On my monitor the upper right corner of your last footboard pic is sitting in a showdow which is green. Sort of a teal green. Maybe your's shows this too. If so it gives you a good idea of how your wonderful furniture might look like with the green.

I once painted my master a hunter's green/teal and the antique oak looked beautiful in the room. More than it had in years. Color brought out the wood's beauty.

Your set is beautiful.

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Big fan of the green!

Our furniture is similar in color, and years ago a friend/designer picked out a beautiful butterscotch color that really complimented the oak. I thought it would be too much, but it was gorgeous. Now I wish I had made note of that paint color - it was one of those that really worked and wasn't "off" in any way. Like the perfect green I'm still striving for in my family room .... or the right pumpkin in my office ....

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I don't have a color name, but if you can match the sage green Wedgwood Jasperware, it would look terrific. The color is restful, which is appropriate for a bedroom, and goes beautifully with just about everything.

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I love the right historic aqua w/ oak.

One time I painted my DR F&B Green Blue. I randomnly leaned DS's Golden Oak Canonball Beds up against the dr wall after bringing them home and thought "WOW!".

BTW - what a fantastic, fantastic bed!

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I so agree about choosing green. Suggestion: get a fan deck from paint store ( or color chips) and hold up various greens next to the wood. Get samples of a few of your favs and paint them on a sample board to hold up on the wall next to furniture. I can definitely see some of the BM historical greens with your pretty oak.

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We have Lexington dark oak victorian style bedroom furniture, so I definitely feel your pain trying to choose a complentary paint color. Our bedroom was painted a version of off white for quite a few years, took a back seat to other rooms mainly because I really couldn't find a paint color I liked that would look good with the dark oak.

When I used the SW Blonde in my LR/DR, I painted a a bit in our MBR to try it with our furniture. Loved how worked with our furniture, so problem solved as to what color for our master. The Blonde seems to be a completely different color in our MBR than in our LR/DR, mainly due to different lighting.

If you don't want to go with the gold tones, I would try a sample of the green as pictured in mclarke's post. That green color was one of the many colors we sampled for our LR/DR before going with SW Blonde. Please post a pic when you paint. Would love to see what you choose.

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A very greyed-down blue would look pretty, too, with that color of wood. (Gorgeous furniture, btw, although I can relate to wanting something with cleaner lines.)

Or a deep color would be striking. We went with BM's Narragansett Green in our MB (furniture is a similar tone to yours); it's a very dark, rich blue with green undertones, or green with blue undertones, depending on how you look at it. With white bedding it is really striking. I don't have an up-to-date picture or I'd post one.

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I love your bed and if it were mine, I want to make it the *star* of the room. I'd paint the walls a slightly creamy white and dress the bed in crisp white linens with a simple down comforter.

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Our first home office was a green Coronado paint ... (big oak desk, pine bookcase, pine shutters on the windows, red oak floors). Current office is BM Misted Green with the same furniture and floors.

old office:

current office:

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Pauline - sounds heavenly!

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"Pauline - sounds heavenly!" Ditto!
Or....how would BM baby turtle look???

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Natal..OT, but if you are still using a PC tower it warms my heart. I know laptops are now stacked with more powerful boards, but can't give my tower up. Along with a 42" screen for graphics.

Really like the color of your office. And the bookcase/buffet. Those green red drawers...

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