Alternatives to Wire Mold? Advice needed and thanks.

SparklingWaterJune 28, 2013

I wish to ask for your advice to keep to code and still have electrical outlets in my kitchen and eat in pantry.

Like many new remodels, we have installed nice under cabinet lights as well as what I thought would be low profile Plug mold but instead is Wire mold. Aesthetically speaking, I do not like the look of an outlet box mounted on the bottom of the frameless cabinet. The cabinet light bar is 3/4," low profile, a point emphasized throughout this remodel which went down to bare back wall (post studs). The Wire mold receptacle hangs down 1 to 11/4" and is especially very visible from where we will sit. Yes, this was discussed ahead of time but...

So how to fix this? I am aware of the Legrand 2000 TR 3/4" Plug mold, but don't know how expensive it is per 36" section. I suspect it is nearly $150 per 3 feet. Does anyone know? Has anyone installed/used it?

There is a GFCI outlet at the beginning of the circuitry run, so all which follow will be protected too, i.e., power off.

Is it possible to simply forgo hiding an outlet under the cabinet and revert back to a plain old outlet? The Romex is there already but I don't know what code stipulates on distance of wall outlet from under cabinet surface. Can a wall receptacle be close to the under cabinet surface? Drywall is long done: this would mean back tracking :/. Not ideal at all.

Could the electrician fish the Romex down farther behind the drywall, and then install wall outlets to code? If need be, the Wire mold could stay the way it is in the kitchen and Legrand Plug mold or wall receptacles put in the pantry beverage area (about 6 feet).

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Ron Natalie

Ummm....If I am understanding you properly, you've got an illegal installation there. You can not put lighting on the kitchen receptacle circuits.

I'm missing why you're not using wall receptacles above the countertop?

The receptacles can be mounted BELOW the countertop (no more than 12" below and with no more than a 6" overhang) but only when either making construction for the physically impaired or with completely FLAT island countertops.

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Ok, I must be confused then where these under cabinet Wiremold boxes draw their power from. I doubt anything illegal is present. More likely a kitchen lights on one, wire mold on another.

I elected to replace wall receptacles for Plugmold but got Wiremold. I am seeking a lower profile unit. Here are a few products and I'm wondering if any one has a less costly alternative. Obviously that's why Wiremold was done:

$$$ but nice

Recent electrician's discussion:

Very cost effective, nicer than an outlet box, but vertical height is 1.5" so will show even more:

Wish I could do recessed at point where romex comes out, but seem to recall thats against code. Flush look.
. Thanks for your response, I will ask about your point but suspect I got the circuitry wrong in my head not the electrician.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW:I was expecting plug mold....???? Is this

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Ron Natalie

I'm not sure that recessed is illegal, but you need to have room to recess it into something. I'm still missing why you don't place the wiring into the wall. Is that your picture in the link or just someone with a similar situation?

Wiremold and plugmold are just brand names for surface wiring systems. They are not INDICATIVE on any particular configuration (they could mearly be receptacle-less surface raceways for wire to surface boxes). You need to be explicit with your electrician as to what you want.

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Thanks, ronnatalie. That's another GW'ber's picture which is identical to what is up under my cabinets.

If it's not too late (and I don't think 100% it is too late as the 12/2 Romex is accessible, I agree for my house, placing wall outlets above the countertop seems a better idea.

I just hope he can fish the Romex down behind the dry wall and cut the wall outlets still. Can't think of why not, but I don't know electricity which is why it's hard to be specific to my electrician. If he can't, or objects, then the Legrand or similar white substitute Plugmold seems the way to go-mounted under the upper cabinets.

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"I just hope he can fish the Romex down behind the dry wall and cut the wall outlets still. Can't think of why not, but I don't know electricity which is why it's hard to be specific to my electrician."

If you told him to rough in the circuits to the bottom of the cabinets instead of to wall receptacles below the cabinets, the cables my be too short if they are fed from above.

It is not hard to be specific to your electrician if you sit down and explain what you want. I have had homeowners walk around pointing "I want this here and that there, blah,blah,blah" without any descriptions, measurements, dimensions or product specifics. That won't fly with me. Provide some pictures, drawings and product numbers and cut sheets to be clear. He should then verify what you describe and inform you if this is a legal option or not. As was stated earlier under the cabinet lighting are not allowed to be connected to the small appliance branch circuits in the kitchen.

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Edited: Under cabinet Legrand 3/4" Plug Mold currently in and finishing caps placed on raceway. Looks GREAT!

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