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heyyou910June 24, 2011

I just purchased a Square D Homeline 200 amp breaker box to go inside my shop. The breaker box has 4 lugs at the top just below the main. The outside 2 lugs are for the 240 volt. The 2 inside lugs are for a neutral and what appears to be a size for a ground. This box has a screw lug bar on each side and I when I ohmed out the small bars, they showed no resistance to the neutral and ground connection at the top. Does this mean that when the power guys come out to hookup my power, after that my neutral and ground wire can go on the same bar? This is my main panel, not a sub panel. Also, from the ground rod drove into the floor, does this #6 wire go to the grounding lug on top beside the neutral or does it attach to one of the bars on the side?

I've wired up boxes before, but that was when they had 2 lugs for hot, a seperate neutral bar and a seperate grounding bar. Just want to make sure that I can connect my neutrals and grounds on the same bar without screwing something up.

Any suggestions?

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If there is no resistance, then all the bars are connected together.

If there is very high or infinite resistance, then the small bars are not connected to the neutral bar. If this is the case, then you probably need to install the main bonding jumper which will most likely be a green screw that will install in a specific hole in the neutral bar. If you look carefully at all the labels stuck in the box and the cover, one of them will indicate where to install the main bonding jumper.

BTW, one ground rod rarely satisfies the requirements of the NEC, you'll need to install a second rod at least 6 feet away from the first.

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