3 dimmers on wall plate: too warm?

SparklingWaterJune 24, 2013

XP from lighting:

We're almost at the end of our kitchen/pantry remodel. It's incredible how nice it looks with layers of light.
I reminded them dimming being part of the re-model contract, and was told that dimmers generate heat. Not enough to be a fire hazard apparently. Our DR Lutron dimmer doesn't seem warm at all.

The new kitchen has a three switch control box per their design: one controls the WAC LV xenon in-glass cabinets, one switch the overhead recessed HALO LED lighting, and the last the Unilume LED under cabinet lighting.

Do you see a problem here with three dimmers in one plate? Any danger? I'd like to have these circuits on Lutron or Levitron dimmers.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Look at the spec sheets for the dimmers - manufacturers will usually provide the derating guidelines when multi-ganging.

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I have several 4 gang - Lightolier dimmers in my home - no problems.

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Thanks to you both for your response.

Yes, I downloaded the spec sheets for the Unilume LED as well as got Tech Lighting to send me their compatible dimmers pdf. Guess there is some play and rule out in this dimmer. The Unilume LED is the circuit that is buzzing in spite of an electronic dimmer.

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