Recipe for disaster...

spencer_electricianJune 23, 2010

Got called to a brand new building which is being used as a doctor's office. After they had a store deliver 3 dryers, each one returned as defective, they realized maybe something electrically was wrong. Upon opening the box, I see that some idiot used 10/2 MC cable using the green for neutral. I measured no voltage to green so traced to a junction box. Above the ceiling tile and no cover plate installed, I see the box with 2 #10 green wires hanging out, unconnected. One heading to the dryer and one to a medical machine. Scary part is, the doctor said the last dryer worked. Must of been using the dryer vent as neutral or the heating element was balancing the load enough for the timing mechanism to work. The green wire was not bonded to the the junction box so it would not be possible for it to use the MC cable sheath. Let alone to use a 3-wire connection on a dryer receptacle installed in 2009 but to use a 2-wire! Big company did the work too, I'm sure it's their standard to use 10/2. Maybe they usually at least finish making up their junction boxes.

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Makes you wonder what other wiring is screwed up in that building!

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"Makes you wonder what other wiring is screwed up in that building!"

Wiring in separate offices in a building is usually the responsibility of the person leasing the space, not the landlord.

The wiring must be done by a licensed electrician with plans, permits, etc. but the entity leasing the space is usually responsible for hiring whomever does the work.

Delivery of a copy of the plans to the landlord is often called out in the lease so that what is in the space is documented and known.

Generally you are required to leave the improvements like wiring behind, but not the actual equipment the wiring was supplying unless it was things like water heaters or additional A/C that would damage the building if removed.

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