Charging drawer in kitchen ?

labbieJune 18, 2012


Crosspost from the kitchen forum-

Looking for input from anyone familiar with charging drawers in kitchens. This is a late add for us, and our cabinet maker and electrician have thrown out a couple of ideas that could work.

We will convert a shallow drawer next to the fridge to a charging drawer and wanted to know what the 'guts' of the drawer will involve- is it as simple as cutting out a spot for the wires to go through the back or side and figuring out a way so the drawer can still slide? Our electrician was thinking of a retractable type cord and I'm having trouble picturing how this would work.

I appreciate any tips- and photos if you have them.


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You might want to search this forum for previous threads on this topic.

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Personally, I would just have the back of the drawer drilled large enough to allow a 3-prong plug through. I would then put a low profile surge protector into the drawer and do all wire management inside the drawer. This leaves a clean look on the outside of the drawer with only a small single cord going through.

Also, make sure you consider something similar to this if you end up hiding all your cell phones!

Here is a link that might be useful: An example (although messy) of what I'm talking about.

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Ron Natalie

If the electrician installs a receptacle in the casework of the cabinet such that it doesn't interfere with the drawer motion, then Louisian's idea of just passing the cord over the back of the drawer (possibly through a notch cut in it) would be fine.

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