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daisymeNovember 24, 2008

I started some projects for a Christmas show and am now THIS far! The first picture is a couple of my signature birdhouses (those with plate tess, stones and wood). The wood pieces aren't finished yet on them, but otherwise the houses are going to show as they sit as I don't have time to play with the tess as I'd like to do.

href="¤t=JoanneEvansMosacis017.jpg" target="_blank">

Secondly, I've been working on a couple of fish projects... one is a whimsical birdhouse, and the other a 3-D fish that still needs to be grouted and otherwise finished.

I hope I can finish at least these to add to the others I have stashed away for the show!

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Those are real cute !

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I love your birdhouses.

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Daisy,,your birdhouses are amazing, and the fish turned out just perfect, love it, plus the pairing of the birdhouse with fish was just brilliant!! you go girl

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Cool bird houses. The first too I think should be called bird condos. Birds should be waiting in line for residence. The fish bh is very whimsical. Like it. The fish, well, he's a keeper. Good job.


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I just love your birdhouses !
The fish ones are great !!

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OMYGOODNESS!!!!! Girlie, you are one talented artist. Of course your BHs are spectacular, but that fish is something else. The coloration is PERFECT. What a great idea on the birdhouse w/fish. You are sooooooooo talented.

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I love them all! The birdhouse with the fish is just too good.
What is hiding under that fish on a stick(no qm)

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Thank you all for taking time to comment on my recent projects. I hope you know how much that means to me. It's fun to branch out with some new ideas like the 3-D fish, and the fish through the house has been on my mind for over a year since I found him. I hope I'll have time to finish him properly for the show. The tess on him is really fragile or I'd pry it off and put it on some sanded "adhesive and grout" combination that would keep me from havng to grout him since it's going to play havoc trying to get grout off those ripply pieces. I've got a week to go after Thanksgiving, so here's hoping!

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LOVE THE BIRD HOUSES!! I like the way you mix the plate pieces and stones - The fish birdhouse -Wow it is so cool. What a great idea! I just love your work. what lucky birds to get to live in one of these.

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Wow those are all great projects.The fish are so cool, and also love the combo of stones and dishes. Hope you sell lots and have some fun at the sale.

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Your stuff is so cute! I've never seen un grouted stuff look so good! You go girl!

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