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kknyOctober 15, 2009

OK, teens are issues for non-steps - so please dont think these issues are limited to steps -- as follows (please feel free to add):

1. Cell phones -- how the heck can they have so many text messages.

2. Cars (gas, insurance, need I say more)

3. Rolling eyes

4. My mom is an idiot (and of course, convo with my D, not everyone can be as smart as you)-- how can both of these be happeniong.

5. Messy room

6. Angst over college, BFs, GFs, appearance

7 Borrowing your makeup, toiletries, hair dryers, straightenrers

Please feel free to add

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Oh, allright then...

-Teens description of how her day was at school:
"It was like, yeah.."

-Slamming all cupboard doors, every single time..


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where are you going.... you are so nosy...

ask did you have a good time ... what do you care??

forget to ask .... you don't care about anything I do... :)

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-they eat the last bit of whatever it was that you were hoping to serve as leftovers for dinner...!! lol

-they drink all the 'coke-coffee-tea-milk-fill in the blank for preferred drink here'- even when there was LOTS of coke-coffee-tea-milk, etc...in the fridge when you left the house that morning!!..hehe

-they slam doors when you are sleeping at like 1 or 2 am, and then claim "opps, I didn't mean to slam it, sorry!" (I think teens are just "heavy-handed", they don't understand the concept of closing things gently and slooooowlllly...!!) It's the same thing with walking or should I say "thumping" up the stairs, it sounds like a herd of elephants sometimes!! LOL

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OH BOY. In addition to that blasted cell phone I'll add:

-"EVERYone else is getting to go to the party. You just don't me to have any fun."

-"Can I go to the mall? Can I have a friend over? Can I have $10? Can I? Can I?"

-hair in the shower drain. (Luckily she has her own shower, but she uses mine sometimes and never cleans it up!

-having to check everyday before leaving to verify the straightener/curler/crimper is unplugged.

I could go on . . .

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- Zit cream...

- And why is it that as soon as they learn to stop peeing on the seat, they start leaving razor stubble all over the sink?

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my personal favorite, Sweeby, if when the boys pee on the seat and then DH shaves right next to the toilet, so I end up with BOTH on the toilet seat. No better way to start your day then stumbling to the toilet to sit on that! :-)

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-SD on picking up her yearbook from her friend "She's not answering my text"; me "why don't you call her. Maybe her phone is off"; SD "Nah, I'll wait til she answers my text". WTH? Why can't she actually TALK to a person?

-SD "This song is so me". EVERY song is so her. Every single one! How can every song ever written be about her? LOL! I'm pretty sure if she heard "Carribbean Queen" she'd think it's about her. LOL!

-She eats, sleeps, and even showers with her phone and iPod Touch (so she can check her MySpace and e-mails).

-SD "can I call you back after I get done watching this show"

-"So, um, um, when my friend and, um, my other friend, went to like the fair, um, like, um, they got lost. How funny is that?" Huh????? What did that mean?

DS is almost 11, but he already has those pre-teen things:

-Total attitude with everything I say. It's like sighing is his first reaction to everything. I could say that I'm going to give him a million dollars and he would sigh before he said thanks. LOL!

-His idea of picking up his room and my idea of picking up his room are 2 VASTLY different things.

-Sports cup still in the supporter still in the sliding shorts still in the baseball pants in the dirty clothes hamper after a baseball game in 100+ deg. Texas heat. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

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I can't STAND teenagers!!! My god was I really like that too?!!

Girls wear that sour look on their face, broken only by the aforementioned eyeroll, 24-7, unless their friends show up or call, etc. They monopolize the bathroom and are indignant when someone else has to 'go'. They can't stand it when people copy them, yet are very unoriginal themselves.

Boys are either sleepy, hungry, both, or asleep. They answer questions with something cryptic "I don't know", "Maybe", "Could be", or a grunt. They are still WAY better than the girls.

We have two teenagers and in a few years we will have four at once- pity me.

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DD's issue was (still is even though she is not teenager anymore) messy room, procrastination, moodiness, losing stuff, misplacing stuff and then nagging until I find it, not getting ready on time, Internet- all day long.

My nephew's issue: stays up late, sleeps late, always late everywhere. either sleeps or eats, or on computer.

My SO's DD20 always uses/takes/misplaces/never returnes everything that belongs to anyone else, no matter who that person is. never asks permission, just takes. also stays up late and then sleeps late.

oh last Christmas break DD (already adult, not a teenager!) ate a pack of holiday cookies that i was planning on serving for dessert since we expected company. we ended up not having dessert.

and don't let me repeat the same story again how she arrived oversees (at age 19)wiht no suitcase, no clothes to change, no purse, passport in her hand. Reason : thought of packing in the morning before departure (6AM?), overslept and ran to airport in whatever she had on. she was this way at 12, 14, 17, 19, 21....to be continued...

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