Electrical Wiring Change before Drywall

janythdJune 26, 2011

I am hoping someone can help answer this question - my builder is out of town until tomorrow and will probably fall over when I ask him this but I wanted to try and find an answer before speaking with him. We are building a home and the drywall is beginning this week. All of the electrical wiring is complete. However, my original appliance choices had to be changed. I originally had a Slide In Induction Range on a wall, built in microwave on a wall, and planned to put an additional oven in an island. Now - due to one unnamed appliance manufacturer - I need to do an induction cooktop where the range was going to be. My other option would be to do double ovens where the microwave was and put the microwave in the island or do an induction stovetop with one oven underneath and keep one oven in the island. The first option is what I would prefer but can someone tell me how hard it would be for my contractor to re-wire these wires before the drywall goes in? Thanks so much!!

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Any changes to electrical wiring would be a LOT easier (which means cheaper for you) before the drywall goes up.

As for the cost of changes, that would be difficult to estimate without knowing exactly what you have now and what you need for the different appliances.

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