Sydney 'Sculpture By The Sea'

iminmystudioNovember 9, 2009

On Sunday we went to look at 'Sculpture By The Sea' an annual event where sculptures are placed along a coastal walk at Bondi Beach Sydney, when I saw these I just had to take a photo and show you guys.

There were about a hundred so I've only posted those I thought appropriate for this forum, I've seen you guys make totem polls and thought they looked fun now that I've seen these up close I want one!

The little house was very strange indeed.

This last one has nothing to do with mosaics but it was my favourite he looks so patient as if he is waiting to be picked up or maybe sad as if he is waiting for someone who isn't coming, it also shows how close to the water this exhibition was the others were on the land side of the path.

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How fun is that? Thanks for the great pictures!

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Oh my word, how fun are these. That little play house is a dream house. Just loved the reuse of all the play things. It is soooo cool. The totems gives us a whole new spin on uses for dishes. tfs

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Oh, IN: How fun, indeed, and very inspiring. Thanks for thinking of us. Makes me want to do more totems. The elephant - it looks like that insulating foam strung around an armature. Was there any info on it's construction? Does anyone here know about using that foam free-hand around an armature. Gives me an idea or two. Yes, the last one - he looks so forlorn. Wonderful exhibit.

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Wonderful stuff!
I said the same about the elephant Slow, and at one time I had done some research on using that foam stuff. I have several cans of it around here.
I checked my bookmarks and can't find it, but I will keep looking.
I love the little guy looking out to sea. Sigh.

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Thanks for sharing, I love those things...all of them

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