My Wiring Diagrams (4 Remodel Permit application). Any Feedback?

mudwormJune 25, 2011

I'm going to the Building Department (San Mateo County in CA) to apply for the kitchen remodel permit. I'm getting cross eyed after having been working on the diagrams and staring at the drawings. I wonder if I've missed anything. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Proposed Kitchen Layout

Proposed Appliance circuits

Proposed outlets (and circuits)

Proposed Lighting

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Did you go to their website to see what is required? Our building electrical division only requires a list of items, stove, oven, dishwasher, # of circuits and receptacles in multiples of 25.

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> # of circuits and receptacles in multiples of 25.
That sounds odd.

I searched for the detailed requirements from the county (we needed them because we are DIY'ing), but I could not find any. The information I get is mostly from going to the building department and talking to them. The problem with that is all the information is verbal and I only learn what I have asked about.

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hendricus Development/Permits & Info Forms/Building Services/201012electper

You're right, they don't list anything. Call them up and tell them how many circuits you are planning and what they need in the way of information/forms to make that happen.

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We are in the middle of a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, laundry room - total gut and remodel. Wanna guess how much detail I needed to provide? If you guesses "Just a list of the rooms", then you would be correct.

Obviously, you need some plans for yourself, but you should call them up and ask what detail they need before you do unnecessary work.

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Yeah, I did the planning partly for myself because I hope the plan checker at the building department can point out errors if I made any. Partly, I thought our requirements are pretty extensive, and I wanted to make sure I had everything they needed. I did! Today, I went to the county office. Within one hour, I got my permit. So exciting and scary (oh my gosh, we are committed)!

Here are the requirements for a kitchen remodel permit application in our county. I'm not complaining though and all the people in the office are all very friendly and helpful.

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