low-tech person needs advice about intercoms

canishelJune 15, 2010

I'm planning a kitchen remodel. One wall has the master intercom unit (Nutone, mid-1970s)in a potentially useful wall space.

We don't use the intercom very often, so I'd like to remove it. Is the wiring good for anything else? That is, the intercom communicates with the front door and the bedrooms. Don't care about a whole-house sound system.

Can I just drywall over it, or do I need to place an electrical cover thingey over a partially drywalled hole?

Thanks in advance.

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The wiring is usually proprietary to the intercom from that time era and isn't good for much else besides certain replacement systems. Only bring it to a plate if you care to give the option for you or any future owner to dig it back out and re-use it. Most 1970's intercoms are on there way to dying anyway and are not commonly used unless it is a really large house and yelling is difficult (:

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I am pretty sure that this thing has a 120V power supply to it somewhere. In that location, you have to cover that junction box with a cover and you can not cover it over with anything else. As an alternative you need to interrupt the power feed before it reaches the box.

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Thanks for the quick answers.
Let's say I can't find the junction box in the rat's nest of an attic. Can I just cover the capped wires with a cover, cut a hole in the back of the kitchen cabinet where the cover would be, and put the cabinet over the cover?

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