Back-lighting a Stained Glass Window

bikesr2tiredNovember 29, 2010

Our church is undergoing a major remodel and in the process one of the stained glass windows had to be removed. We had a case built behind the altar for it. the window is 8' tall and about 36" wide. We considered several ideas for back-lighting it, including T5 florescent bulbs with a dimmable electronic ballast. I was in favor of this until I saw a demonstration of an LED ribbon. The ribbon consists of 300 super bright soft white LEDs along its 16' length. A regulated 12 volt power supply and a constant voltage dimmer are also something we needed. Our plan is to cut the ribbon, (this can be done), into 2-8' sections and have one on either side of the case running the full height of the window. I would mount the ribbon on 2-8' lengths of conduit so that it would be held straight and even while also allowing us to turn the conduit for the best effect.

So what do you think?


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I think you might contact a stained glass expert who has experience with church lighting. I attended a church once that had 4 stained glass panels behind the choir stage. They were quite distracting because of the poor lighting. The lightening was much too bright

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Hi soxxxx,

We did consult a specialist and he did recommend the LEDs. We installed the LEDs the way I said we would in my original post. They seem to be quite effective, however we won't know till after the 1st of the year when the window gets installed. I had the same concern you mentioned so I included a constant voltage dimmer designed specifically for this application and it works perfectly.

The only concern I have is a darker area running down the center. I'm going to wait until the glass is installed to see what it looks like and then take the appropriate action if needed.

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