Gfci breaker will not reset

cablueJune 8, 2010

first off I have followed a few threads here so let me tell you what I know.Everything is disconected. cutler and hammer 15A resets in box with main off. Does not resetwith main on.Regardless of wether the common (neutral, white )wire is conected or not.Regardless of hot black wire being connected.It trips when the main is switched on even when both are disconnected.This is a mobile home circuit. 1 15amp breaker 2 bathroom outlets 1 outdoor outlet.It quit working after alightning strike.

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Thank you.

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replace it.

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"It quit working after a lightning strike."

As a general rule, whenever you can use the above sentence to describe a problem, you are probably going to have to replace whatever component you are talking about.

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I was replacing GFIs in one of my outbuildiings every couple of years. Then I added a secondary TVSS to the buildign's subpanel. Problem solved.

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