Electric Panel upgrade to 200A - Inspection Advice

andy1974June 10, 2014

Hi Everyone,

My house has a 100A service, of that we have 20A going to the garage, I need to increase the amount going to the garage.

Can someone advise me on what exactly happens during an inspection?

The main/service panel goes to 2 places: 1. The AC unit next to the house, and 2, The sub-panel in the house.

The garage is on a sub-panel from the house sub-panel.

i would really appreciate your advice, I can try to provide more info if you feel I need to?

Many thanks in advance


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Inspections are as individual as the persons who do them. I have encountered within one inspection department interpretations of the code that differ 180 degrees.
In one such large department, one inspector refused to recognize Article 110.26(A) (Exception No.1) while another inspector agrees that it means just what it says.
Your best bet is to just have your electrician apply for a "service change" -- nothing more. The outcome is uncertain.

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Are you seriously wanting to hide the fact that you are converting a garage to an apartment???
Don't live people live in apartments? Wouldn't you want that fact known if there is ever a problem? Who do you think will be on the hook if there is?

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Petey_racer, it is a garage conversion built to the highest standards. They are known about.

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Except the part about 20 amps going there.

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Ron Natalie

They darn well will have a problem, both most likely with the zoning and habitability as well as the completely illegal, unsafe, and undersized service of the separate dwelling unit.

Further you liability is EXTREMELY high with your illegal and unsafe wiring in that unit.

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Sophie Wheeler

If it's done ''to the highest standards''then why wasn't a permit pulled? Don't worry, our eighbors will likely turn you in before you burn down the house.

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