helpwiththisOctober 4, 2009

I have complained about my many issues with my sister who lives with us and her child. Well a little over a year later she is finally ready to move out!! It is actually on good terms too.

This summer I ended my free babysitting services to her. We also laid down rules about having people over. We told her that she was welcome to live at our house, but it was not somewhere to hang out with friends/boyfriends. People could pick her up and stop in to say hi, but that is about it. We also got on her about cleaning up and helping out more around the house.

So I think that what has happened is that she does not see us as a convenient free-ride anymore. Now that she is paying rent, paying for a babysitter, and not being able to have friends at our house it is not so convenient.

She came home a few weeks ago and said that she found an apartment nearby that she can afford. She said that she wanted the extra space because her child is getting bigger and she really wanted them to have their own rooms, etc.

So I am happy that we did not have to tell her to leave eventually and that this was her decision. Now I get my house back....wheew!!

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Great news !!!

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