Apron sink doesn't fit in the cabinet base!

ElectraTooDecember 22, 2012

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This is just one of many crises I'm juggling at the end of this homebuilding project. I don't think I can handle it if this can't be fixed easily so I am hoping someone here has a solution I can try.

I have a 9 foot island in the kitchen which has been built to accommodate a copper apron front sink that is 33x22x9. The link to the sink specs were provided to the cabinet maker as the sink had not yet arrived by the time they were ready to start building.

The sink manufacturers are not kidding when they say dimensions can vary up to 1/4" in any direction.

So now my lovely cabinets are in, and the sink has arrived, but it doesn't fit. It is exactly 1/4" higher than the top of the cabinets. Therefore, granite cannot be installed until the sink is somehow made flush with the cabinets. Naturally it couldn't be too low; it had to be too high. I'm about ready to slit my wrists.

What is the best way to approach this problem? Do we add 1/4" plywood or something to the top of the cabinet so the sink has something to rest on? Or does the base the sink is resting on have to be cut out and dropped down 1/4"? If the latter, this would also involve having to cut the bar across the front face of the cabinet as well. Neither one of these solutions sounds ideal to me. I suppose I could exchange the sink and hope I get one that fits this time but that could delay things even longer.

ARGH! Someone please help!

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It's fairly typical to scribe the farm sink cabinets to the sink material. The only way this would be formidable would be if the doors below the sink interfered. They did on my sink install; I had to recut the doors, but since they were unfinished, no prob.

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