outdoor mosaic fountain

sharonsgardenNovember 16, 2011

I am getting ready to start an outdoor fountain. I know that I can use thinset as an adhesive, but has anyone every used cement and then added weldbond to add strength. I have read that you can add a PVA to your cement for outdoor use. I believe that cement is much cheaper than thinset and thought that this might work out.

Anyone out there done this?

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cement itself isn't really sticky

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I'd advise against that. As NT said - you can't use cement itself for adhesive. Use thinset w/a polymer additive. Still singing my song of the best - Mapei Ultra Flex II, a polymer modified mortar for professionals - sold at Lowes. Just bought 50 lbs yesterday. W/never consider using anything other than that for outdoor projects.

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One thing that I should have mentioned is that I am doing this onto a bird bath. The old bird bath has some indentations and designs that I am going to have to level out to make it work with the tile.

Can I use thinset to do this?

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I believe that you can use the mortor in that way, hopefully the experts will weigh in.

Mixing weldbond and cement sounds like a terrible idea to me.

Rant: I'm so jealous because the neary (25 mi away) Lowes didn't have Mapei!!
I never went back after I found out and now they are closing, ha!
I wonder how I find out if any stores that I might travel by in new england have it?


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What a bummer, CONCRETE: You can use any thinset, but the additive is very important for adhesion. SHARONS: Yes, thinset w/be a good leveler - smooth it out w/a wet paint brush. I got that idea from NT, and it works beautifully when I apply mortar to my metal lath structures. Be sure and spritz the birdbath b/f applying new concrete (thinset) to old concrete.

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