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daisymeNovember 10, 2009

I've been working on a few pieces to add for our crafts fair that will benefit our castle (yes, we have a castle in our town)restoration project. Here's the ones I'm finishing up this week.

Ah! For fun, I'll toss in a picture of the castle! It's really nice to have it in our small town.

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The bird houses are nice. You did a good job on them. I love the castle. I would like to look in the attic.LOL

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Those are real nice .Love that turtle and the cas..

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Very cool!

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I always love your birdhouses . . .

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Beautiful play between the VERY ORGANIC and the very sweet pretty tess! I would have a couple of these in my garden in a heartbeat. The Castle is amazing, I tried to figure out by your profile where you live that there is such a building, but couldn't figure it out. What do they use it for? Thank goodness that they saw its heart and valued it enough to restore it!!!!!! I am just watching the photos to see if any fairies or gnomes jump out as a surprise.

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What sweet notes, you guys. Thanks! It's always great when we can get a smile, and you made my day!

I responded earlier, but guess I didn't submit it right. I'll see what I can do about getting up into the attic for you, Flag. There are definately treasures to be found, I'm sure!

Garden Crone, that was an especially nice note. Thank you. The castle is Preston Castle and was built here in Ione, California in the late 1800s as a reform school for boys. It's in Romanesque architecture.

Merle Haggard, Rochester (from the Jack Benney show) and Rory Calhoun all did time there. I guess it worked! They taught the boys trades and discipline and manners like wearing white shirts and ties to dinner. The photos from there are wholey interesting.

It's been in disrepair for many years but the castle foundation is quite active now and we managed to get a roof on it last year. The woodwork was all stripped out years ago to enhance other historical buildings in the state and that will be hard to replace. However, the inside is quite gracious with huge fireplaces and wide halls. It's wonderful to have it here just a couple blocks from the house and to be active with the Castle Foundation. Believe me, there's always something to do!

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I adore you little houses and love the castle.

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I'm a newbie and love your birdhouses and turtle! Are the birdhouses really heavy when they are done? Did you start with a wooden bird house? (did I mention I was a newbie?!?!) The turtle is very cute. Thanks for posting the photos.

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You know I love your birdhouses Daisey.
What a wonderful cause!

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Iminmy, Texas and Blue,Thank you!

No, they're not heavy. Most of them are decorative though and just on lightweight forms from Joanne's and Michaels. The first one you can get the forms for at Walmart for around $3.00. They shouldn't be out in the weather at all as moisture would make the wood swell and the pieces come off.

Blue, welcome to the forum! Let's see if I can put a link to my other houses in here some how since you like them....hmmmmm...try this!

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