help please!! 2 ground wires???

cathie2029June 15, 2013

So I have an outlet with a black, a white and a ground (copper). Bought a new outdoor fixture and it has a black, a white and TWO(?) ground wires.. Not sure what there's two and how do i connect these? I know to wrap the ground from the outlet to the ground screw , but what about the fixture's two copper wires? Thanks in advance.

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Here's another pic

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This fixture needs to be mounted to a box.
If you have a black, white and ground in that box you connect white to white, black to black, and all three grounds together.

You keep referring to "outlet". Do you just mean the box, or is there actually a receptacle in the box?

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The two ground wires are to make sure both large pieces that make up the light fixture remain safety grounded to the same point within the house electrical box providing the power at all times. Possible reasons: just electrical code regulations, or the light housing and the wall portion could made of different metals and need to be electrically isolated to prevent corrosion so two wires are needed, or they are made of different metals but not electrically isolated and will eventually corrode where they are in contact so two separate ground wires are needed.

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